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  1. From a painting standpoint I had initially felt I pigeonholed myself into the Goretide, but I played my first game of the new book and I genuinely feel their buffs are a bit stronger on a general game to game basis. I also talked with my opponent afterwards and we both agreed that in our more relaxed meta Khul is an absolute powerhouse. He really highlighted how he felt hamstrung into making "rock and a hard place" decisions simply due to his 8 inch pile in. My next test list doesn't include him and that will really determine if I consider him an auto-include from now on.
  2. I'm very tempted as a completely for fun general trying the hilarity of a Goretide Skullgrinder with the Gorecleaver. Hew the foe would bring him to 4 damage at -2 rend and a six would turn it into 8 damage 😄 I know he's highly impractical as far as speed, defense, wound count goes but once he got into a frontline it would be a glorious mess!
  3. I have had great success with 5 man units in the past books and in this one now too. They are an irritant for an opponent to deal with and still can smack things around whilst under passive buffs like the secraetor. In my test game so far with the new book I ran two 5 and a 15 and they (all together as a whole) really were reliable and I got a lot of movement out of the goretide ability with the 15 man unit.
  4. I do like the clarification that when blood warriors are under Relentless Fury they get to pile in and attack twice since they also have no respite!
  5. I had played a game this weekend past against Beasts and honestly Khul might have been the mvp out of my lists (barring a min reaver blades unit that by sheer luck crucially killed a whole unit of 10 bestigor that had ambushed me) The 8 inch pile in was amazing at keeping my opponent contained in the combats. His pile in moves and general charge positioning was by his admission affected by Khul even being around. I was hesitant about taking him since he couldn't get hew the foe, but I think I'm going to take him in every game now. He just has so much going for him in a Goretide list. On a general tactica note I was quite happy my list didn't have to change much based on my first foray into the new book. I still really like Gore Pilgrims, as the secreator buff is still really good, and between him being in the middle with my altar I believe I stopped at least 4 spells from going off before unbind attempts. (Extreme luck so not a good metric to go off but it was really fun) I absolutely love Goretide Blood Warriors though! Having them re-roll ones to wound near the objectives in battle for the pass was amazing and I rolled a fair few sixes for saves as well. At the semi competitive/casual level my store plays at I'm feeling way happier about the changes in this book.
  6. I've wanted a new khorgorath kit for so long since their last go around of improvements, I honestly love using that model! Also this might just be me, but I would absolutely love to see the skullgrinder receive a little something extra.
  7. I would hope the rules designers see that the general consensus for mortals is "Gore Pilgrims or bust" not because it is overpowered but because the rest of the synergy interactions and battalions didn't bring the faction on the same level as the newer books. I took it to have a better chance at prayers (which most factions can) and to spread the +1 attack (which evens the playing field with regard to profiles in the newer books) It was the only way to keep my pure mortals viable, but also forced me to plant the flag and stay stationary, which to me is completely counter to how I envision a khornate attack. (and something a large stationary terrain piece also doesn't help) My hope is that they took a look at the rest of the faction's synergies, rules, and battalions and brought them to the level Gore Pilgrims was. Looking on the bright side but remembering their last fix was to raise the price of GP in the recent GHB rather than examine the battalions at large.
  8. I'll also add to the Earthquake discussion. In my ultra aggressive Fiends deck I never even used it, I needed almost every other card on the restricted list before that one. Now that I'm even further restricted on my aggro cards I see absolutely no reason to use this card. Honestly I would wager other objective decks will pose the greater threat of actually having the card in their deck rather than hyper aggression decks.
  9. I've struggled with this myself honestly, as I too listen to their wonderful podcast. It is a huge barrier to entry however something I have observed is that generally, most of the new ploys and objectives favor the newer warbands more so than the old ones. What I mean by this is that cards like ready for action, which was in my Fiend's deck, don't really have an analog in Nightvault. This was intentionally done to support other play styles and therein the new bands, but I can't help feel that removal of Shadespire cards could cause older aggression based warbands to falter really hard. Granted my Nightvault binder is so empty card wise, but from what I have seen it looks like many aggression based play style cards seem to be staying in Shadespire. This could just be me tinfoil hatting obviously, but I know a lot of brand new players are heavily interested in the older warbands and consistently ask me if they think they would be a bad purchase. I personally think not enough time has passed to really allow the Nightvault cardpool to develop into something that can detach itself from the Shadespire set while also supporting the warband specific cards. I think that question would have a near definite answer once the next two come out, but by then would it really be worth it to detach? This is a very hard decision for me and I've thought about it a lot, and I personally don't have an answer I'm comfortable backing up yet.
  10. My local GW manager has had the league system in place in our store from the start rather than a 1 day tourney for the prize packs. It is a three month cycle and we have a fair bit of guidelines in place. One day only, we call it Underworlds Friday (absolutely no outside games count to league score) 2 games count to your total score each week, this must be decided prior to the game beginning (no picking best games from the day) 3 points for a win - 1 for a true draw - nothing against you for losing We are only able to switch warbands 3 times during the league and keep your total score (exceptions for new releases, its GW and they've got to make sales after all. AKA counts as a free switch as long as it was purchased from my manager) Total cumulative score determines the trophy winner etc.. Deck adjustments are free and encouraged so as to create a more competitive and fun experience for all, no one likes losing consistently because of your deck choices. You chose your opponents (no bracket system in place) HOWEVER you cannot play the same person twice in a row for "league scoring" games unless you are the only two people in store. (Prevents preying on newer or less experienced folks) Once the trophy ceremony is complete we have one absolute bye week to let everyone feel out new warbands etc. (This rotation was a two week one as Nightvault, Zarbag, Eyes came out so close to each other. It's really laid back and all of us are good friends because of this atmosphere, there are some front runners every "season" but we always help the newer players with their decks and tactics to create a more competitive atmosphere. EDIT: Swag wise my manager saves the deck boxes, acrylic tokens, alternate art warband cards for the final day. The alternate art ploys and objectives get dolled out periodically to us as just fun add ons.
  11. Agreed, it's really odd something that will draw so much attention doesn't have a save against mortal wounds at least. Also that first rider sculpt is ace, hope they salvage it for another model at some point. So I'll ask my blood soaked brethren here for some summoning advice. I've played pure mortals since I started AoS, love the look and feel and I don't ever plan to play tourneys so I know I can still do well with them at the casual level. My question now is that since summoning is free, what units/unit sizes do you all recommend for summoning? I've always planned on getting flesh hounds at some point but are there any other units you all find worth summoning?
  12. Thats my issue with it chiefly. The slaughterpriest, exalted deathbringer with spear, skullgrinder, even blood warriors have fantastic helmeted heads. I can't really see what they were going for other than Sloth from the Goonies who looks like he's been through the wringer at least twice. Additional note, why does he have one horn on one side of his head, and the massive bull neck? Just an odd sculpting choice on an all around amazing sculpt in my opinion.
  13. I've not had a reason to post in this thread since I'm not a tournament minded player in general with regards to 40k/AoS, but now that Underworlds has been mentioned I feel it might be worth it to post in this thread. Right off the bat Underworlds was the first game I've played that I immediately knew was the only GW game I could see myself playing competitively. Low model count for painting, broad universal rules and only a few faction specific rules, speed of play, etc. I could go on but as someone who doesn't see how GW games are played at a competitive level now with regards to balance, Underworlds is the way to go for them as a company if they do want to stick their toes into an organized tourney scene. So much so in fact that I've participated in all of my local GW's organized play since it became a thing, the game is too much fun.
  14. Mainly when people touch my miniatures. Knew a guy who in his phase would make a splat noise and knock over one of your minis for every failed save roll you'd make. It was unbearable and he wouldn't stop after multiple warnings until you got stern, which shouldn't be the case in a game of two adults. He got the picture once he was being passively ousted from the store. I too can't stand egregious yelling, a yell of joy at rolling a necessary six is just part of the game and good fun but like others have said ork players are unfortunately the main suspects most oft than not. Lastly as others have stated, a general cleanliness issue and inability to read basic social queues as an adult is cringey. EDIT: wow I sound quite harsh but all of this comes from some pretty horrible instances I've experienced.
  15. Played 1500 against my Beasts of Chaos friend yesterday, let me first say the goats are quick. We played the starfall mission from an earlier GHB. I'll put my and his list in the spoiler so I don't text wall too much It was an intense game right from the start. I deployed in such a way as to box my good units behind the 10 reavers up front and the 2 units of 5 BW on my left and right flanks. Odd deployment for me as I knew he had ambush and the cogs, plus he was a one drop army. My careful deployment proved to be the key to my success as the chaff I had placed at the fronts were turn one assaulted by the 10 gor(who came up the middle at my reavers), and the 2 units of 10 bestigor(who assaulted my left and right wings). I popped Slaughter Incarnate at the start of the combat phase with my extra CP from Gore Pilgrims to try and blunt the blow I was receiving. Lost my left warriors to battleshock. had 7 reavers left at the middle, and 3 on my right wing. My turn one initiated and I opened the portal of skulls and my priests got all of their blessings and prayers off (managed to do 11 total mortal wounds, 6 on the gor in the middle and 5 on the bestigor on my right). Charged Garrek's reavers into the left wing bestigor, Exalted deathbringer into the middle, and the khorgorath into the right. Managed to destroy all of those units and came out with 4 blood tithe turn one. (Exalted deathbringer with mark of the destroyer is absolute hilarity). Turn two saw him win priority, his comet falling on his far left board, and me charged by a Ghorgon, Beastlord, and a summoned unit of Bestigor. He killed a few models and I did 5 wounds to the Ghorgon with blood warriors. I did a pile in with my wrathmongers into his beastlord and a pile in with my deathbringer, both beasts KIA. (Again I can't comment enough on the power and hilarity of the buffed deathbringer with the mark of the destroyer) My turn two saw a wipe of what was left in my territory, my comet falling nearly on my bloodsecrator, and an all but secured victory as he didn't have enough shamen and CP to get his summoning points. We played the rest of the game out but we both agreed it was over by the end of my turn two. One of the craziest and funnest games I've had in awhile! Takeaways for Khorne for me Aspiring Deathbringer's command trait is ridiculously awesome, never fielded him before today Exalted Deathbringer and impaling spear with mark of the destroyer is unreal Garrek's reavers were pumping out a surprising amount of damage for a unit I included with blood tithe in mind.
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