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  1. The ironclad looks reasonable, like the retreat and shoot but it could be a bit strong as it can shoot a lot. With the longer weapon ranges it also makes the longer range order not as significant (other than for carbines). I think I'd be happy with 30" on the big gun, and 24 for the other ships. Even with the wound buff to the skyhook i still dont see my self taking it over the cannon. I feel its too unreliable to incorporate it in tactically, and otherwise often not wanted. You need a fair few shots to land an unsaved wound with it. How id like ships skyhooks to be: 24", 4+, 3+, -2, D3 Rules: +1 to hit against units that can fly. In addition, if you successfully hit while shooting at a single model unit, halve that models movement characteristic until your next hero phase. If i had a 50/50 chance to slow down some big monsters I'd consider skyhooks a fair bit more. Gmaleron, if you're wanting to buy towards a specific list I'd say its better to slow grow it. I think you could safely build towards a 1000pt list with units that will always be staples. Then once we get some new attention from GW (hopefully soon), look to see whats the current good pickings then. I wouldn't look to double up on ironclads. If you can find some the skyfleet box sets, those are pretty decent start up sets. The KO start collecting set isnt that good for starting to collect... If you look to pickup 40 arkanauts, 9 balloons and a khemist, those will always be useful I think. And can also comprise a 1k list.
  2. I feel like the endrinmaster needs a bit of changes as I've never really been able to see a reason to take to him. The couple games I've done the ships die pretty quick so you don't often get a chance to repair. And its not that much anyway. One thing that could work i think is if he gives a ship withing his range or embarkment an equivalent feel no pain. Why change the skalfhammer to D3? I quite like the consistency and he's got no harness to supercharge.
  3. Is there a way to filter on here for posts with images or something. I know theres a fair few posted in this thread and wouldnt mind flicking through to see others models. Just not so into sifting past 70 odd pages. Anyway finally got around to finishing a squad after having them sit half complete for months. Has anyone got some tips or good links for guides on painting old lamps? Ones with dirtied glass where you see the yellow glow coming through from underneath but its browned around the edges?
  4. Its a bit of effort but I'd give magnetising a shot. Might solve that, magnetising all the options is doable. Im pretty happy with the troop options but wouldnt mind another small ship variant. I sorta like the idea of just having arkanaut companies as the core unit, they just need to be able to do their different roles a bit better and not rely only on skyhooks.
  5. Ive had some ideas for new units and had also been wanting a close range ship. Id always liked gyrocopters/bombers as they were the original flying dwarves but couldn't see a spot for them in a KO army. With cities of sigmar, gyrocopters look way better. Steam guns have gotten +2 range which is massive as now you'll be getting a truckload of shots and +2 movement to help get over units to drop bombs. Bombs are also 2+ to go off rather than 4+ and they now have unit discounts of 60pts over the pervious costings. Still dont see a place for gyrobombers, only used copters once but I only got to fly over units once before getting tangled up. Ill need to pick up more, some trios of those could really put a big punch into hordes, or even monsters with a reliable 3d3 mortal wounds
  6. Has anyone had any plans with the upcoming free cities book? I never tried with the old firestorm rules, nor know if they'd be similar rules to then but pretty interested to see what we could do. Have always wanted to run some free guild with KO.
  7. Definitely does, khemist or navigators a hard call. A small boost to the hooks or a command point. The speed boost I havent needed to use that much in the past but may help to keep distance here. The new command abilities can give you another pseudo-grudges target with the ironclad. Unless its a flying army then its like grudges all the way.
  8. I think the merc companies are separate drops, unless they have some ability that lets them do otherwise. Ill have to have a look through those city fighting rules. You could net yourself a big balloons squad without the cannon allies. Ive always wanted to convert some cannons into a floating platform type thing that the frigates can tow and drop on the field. Just felt pretty cool to me. Plus with the cannons damage rerolls on big units it gives them different targets to the ships. With grudges I'd focus the ships on monsters or heroes, and then the cannons can work on hordes. If you wanted to run it super ship heavy and totally lean elsewhere, you can fit a thryng escort wing and ironclad in 2k. Has an appealing ship hierarchy to me of 1-2-3 but problems elsewhere.
  9. Anyone tried full Thryng Escort Wing? I've still got a bit too paint up before then but with the points drops on all the units in there it should be more workable. Although its probably be better wth more Thunderers, I'd like to give it a run with maxed cannons Navigator - fleetmaster, ignaxs scales 3*10 Arkanauts, volley guns Escort Wing 2 frigates, Skymines and omniscope 3 Gunhaulers 2*5 Thunderers 3 skywardens, drill cannon, volley gun Gunmaster + 2 Cannons allies 2000 I've also been interested in the nimyards rough rider mercenary company. Although I don't feel it'd be quite as good as taking straight Endrinriggers I do quite like the pistolier models. In non-Zilfin lists though i think it could be of use.
  10. People usually use one of the great skyports as of the additional rules that they have. Although you cant get the combination of artycle and amendment you've got there, they are still better to go with. For better dispelling Barak-Nar boosts your roll by 1, ties normally go to the caster so this gives you a slight edge unbinding against regular Joe wizards. Unfortunately the aethersight loupe has been faq'd. Whereas before you'd be able to reliably dispel the strongest casters in the game this now just gives and extra unbind rather than 3d6. So its mediocre now. I think it was fair to reduce it but I wouldve been happier if it was a +2 to unbind rather than an extra roll you'll probably not succeed in anyway. Ships dont put out that much damage, but they're the USP of the army. More just a comment to check expectations to avoid disappointment the first time you use them. For comparison your arkanaut blob and khemist for 620 would be expected to do nearly double the damage of the ships for 590 (excluding battalion cost). That's not the be-all end-all though. The arkanaut blob is very static so you can get caught out of desired targets range or LoS, or the blob gets stuck in melee and forced to shoot them. The mobility of the ships has some advantages. Although at 18" range you're still going to only get 1 shot before melee (with units that want to that is). The frigate should also be more of a transport than gunship. As far as I know you cant have drill cannons and grapnel launchers in a skywarden unit. Id swap the grapnel for a volley gun, keep them small ranged harassment units. In general what youve put up looks decent. But I'd consider a great sky port. Most commonly used are Zilfin and Mhornar, for this Mhornar would be better.
  11. I'd go volley guns on the 10 man squad and take 3 drill cannons on the riggers, no grapnels. Not being able to move over units with grapnels has limited their utility a fair bit. And you pay a fair price to reliably get one off.
  12. They changed the text on TAABIYLI a bit in the last faq removing the bit about allowing disembarking. And also changed the disembarking rules on the ships to be at the start of the hero phase. So together moving and disembarking with it isnt workable anymore. You can just make ships move very fast now which may or may not be that useful depending on the circumstances.
  13. The usual khemist & skyhook arkanaut blob would do fine wouldnt it? You can probably hit the general before they get to you if they're keeping in defender range. And if the generals the castellant thats two birds with one stone. And against the sequitors youll take some mortal wounds but not that much if you're using multi-damage weapons from afar. Thunderers would take more MW and hooks rend -2 puts a fair dent in them I think compared to armies that only have magical ranged options we've got it pretty good for picking apart character bonus synergies. At least thats what I've found with my main opponent who plays death. Usually i have trouble with all the hordes left over that come back and getting onto objectives to score.
  14. I've often toyed around with trying to make some ship conversions, one I've come up with (not yet made) is based off a gunhauler to make it like an old whaler boat. Keep the driver and add an open deck with some skypike wielding arkanauts to poke stuff nearby. Quite like the idea of it so drafted some rules for it. Tried to make it have more supporting role, and also some nice synergies with Navigators and Brokk. Strike Sloop - 140pts Light and agile, Sloops are single endrin craft commonly used for more mundane jobs in Kharadron society than combat. While the vast majority operate as couriers, ferries and tugs every barak maintains a multitude of sloops outfitted for fending off the fell sky beasts that lurk in the clouds. Often on discovery of a rich aerther gold seam, a number of these stike sloops will accompany the expedition fleet on picket duty to deter would be predators or provide early warning. A strike sloop is a single model. It is armed with either a pair of decksweepers or a pair of aetheric fumigators. The crew on board are armed with skypikes with which they'll fight off any attackers. Move 12" Wounds 10 Save 5+ Bravery 7 Decksweepers 12" 2D6 attacks 4+/4+/-1R/1 damage Aetheric fumigators 9" 2D3 attacks +3/+2/-1/1 damage Skypike 2" 6 attacks 4+/3+/-1/D3 damage Special Rules Fly Strike Sloops can fly Abilities Aetheric Navigation - Strike Sloops endeavour to maintain sight to the fleet, least they fall and it be unknown. If there is a friendly Aetheric Navigator visible to it, a Strike Sloop may move an additional D3" in the movement phase. Choking Fug - The clouds of toxic aether cause uncontrollable convulsions in the foe, stopping them in their tracks. Enemy models that end their charge within 2" of a Strike Sloop with Aetheric Fumigators reduce the attack characteristics of all weapons by 1, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the subsequent combat phase. Aether Burst - Some crews may load a scatter shot to blind and startle their foes to drive them away. A Strike Sloop with Decksweepers may choose not to fire in the shooting phase to instead attempt an Aether Burst in the charge phase. If the charge is successful, enemy units within 1" of the Strike Sloop suffer -1 to hit rolls and -1 to Bravery until the end of the subsequent combat phase. Hunters - The crew of Strike Sloops are well versed at fighting certain foes. You may reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 when attacking with Skypikes for a Strike Sloop if the target is a monster or has fly. Bring it 'round! - Strike Sloop crews would rather perish than see their charge lost. At the end of an enemy charge phase a Strike Sloop may attempt to assist a friendly unit within 12" that was successfully charged this phase provided there are no enemy units within 3" of the Strike Sloop. The Strike Sloop may immediately attempt to make a charge against the enemy unit that successfully charged. The Strike Sloop may be considered to have charged or have been charged for the purposes of Choking Fug or Aether Burst in the subsequent combat phase. After attempting the charge the Strike Sloop suffers 1 mortal wound from the stresses of the maneuver.
  15. Gunhauler 4"x 2 3/4" (10.5x7cm) Frigate 4 3/4"x 3 3/4" (12x9.5cm) From what I measured
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