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  1. I've often toyed around with trying to make some ship conversions, one I've come up with (not yet made) is based off a gunhauler to make it like an old whaler boat. Keep the driver and add an open deck with some skypike wielding arkanauts to poke stuff nearby. Quite like the idea of it so drafted some rules for it. Tried to make it have more supporting role, and also some nice synergies with Navigators and Brokk. Strike Sloop - 140pts Light and agile, Sloops are single endrin craft commonly used for more mundane jobs in Kharadron society than combat. While the vast majority operate as couriers, ferries and tugs every barak maintains a multitude of sloops outfitted for fending off the fell sky beasts that lurk in the clouds. Often on discovery of a rich aerther gold seam, a number of these stike sloops will accompany the expedition fleet on picket duty to deter would be predators or provide early warning. A strike sloop is a single model. It is armed with either a pair of decksweepers or a pair of aetheric fumigators. The crew on board are armed with skypikes with which they'll fight off any attackers. Move 12" Wounds 10 Save 5+ Bravery 7 Decksweepers 12" 2D6 attacks 4+/4+/-1R/1 damage Aetheric fumigators 9" 2D3 attacks +3/+2/-1/1 damage Skypike 2" 6 attacks 4+/3+/-1/D3 damage Special Rules Fly Strike Sloops can fly Abilities Aetheric Navigation - Strike Sloops endeavour to maintain sight to the fleet, least they fall and it be unknown. If there is a friendly Aetheric Navigator visible to it, a Strike Sloop may move an additional D3" in the movement phase. Choking Fug - The clouds of toxic aether cause uncontrollable convulsions in the foe, stopping them in their tracks. Enemy models that end their charge within 2" of a Strike Sloop with Aetheric Fumigators reduce the attack characteristics of all weapons by 1, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the subsequent combat phase. Aether Burst - Some crews may load a scatter shot to blind and startle their foes to drive them away. A Strike Sloop with Decksweepers may choose not to fire in the shooting phase to instead attempt an Aether Burst in the charge phase. If the charge is successful, enemy units within 1" of the Strike Sloop suffer -1 to hit rolls and -1 to Bravery until the end of the subsequent combat phase. Hunters - The crew of Strike Sloops are well versed at fighting certain foes. You may reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 when attacking with Skypikes for a Strike Sloop if the target is a monster or has fly. Bring it 'round! - Strike Sloop crews would rather perish than see their charge lost. At the end of an enemy charge phase a Strike Sloop may attempt to assist a friendly unit within 12" that was successfully charged this phase provided there are no enemy units within 3" of the Strike Sloop. The Strike Sloop may immediately attempt to make a charge against the enemy unit that successfully charged. The Strike Sloop may be considered to have charged or have been charged for the purposes of Choking Fug or Aether Burst in the subsequent combat phase. After attempting the charge the Strike Sloop suffers 1 mortal wound from the stresses of the maneuver.
  2. Gunhauler 4"x 2 3/4" (10.5x7cm) Frigate 4 3/4"x 3 3/4" (12x9.5cm) From what I measured
  3. Makes sense, thanks. Was pretty sure it wouldn't be a thing otherwise everyone would be doing it. Had never heard of an allies table before, looks like it is in ghb2017? I had thought ghb2018 more or less replaced 2017 and kept whatever was relevant but i guess thats not the case?
  4. Hi, pretty new with AoS, bit of a rules question with Kharadron Allies. Can you have your main detachment KO from say skyport Thryng and ally in an Urbaz khemist or Nar navigator? I cant really see something that says you couldnt, but AoS rules seem to be all over the place so couldve missed something. And then if it does work, would abilties like the allied khemists work on your main detachment. Or are you meant to replace the skyfarer keyword with the name of your skyport?
  5. At the end of the day they're your dudes and you can do whatever you want with them. I cant say I've ever come across someone who has complained about a fully painted army. From a thematic standpoint age of sigmar is pretty generous and is supposed to be the universe where the hobbyist has all the realm(s) of opportunity to make things your own. The realms are big enough and bunked up enough that any thing could fly I reckon. I never really care that much what someone opposite me puts down or in what order, and if they have some back story they want to share thats cool. Im fine either way. A mixed army would probably be quite interesting as usually they get themed to utilise all those special rules you can get. For myself I only have straight karadrons in AoS, have toyed around with the idea of mixing in some others but need to finish painting what I got first haha.
  6. One thing I've felt with KO is that we lack defense. I've thought about getting some longbeards a couple of times as a soak but they don't quite fit the style or speed. While I agree the ships could improve their durability a notch, I think itd be more interesting if we had some other defense options than just better saves. I can't see much incentive to take skypikes as they are over other options (either guns on arkanauts or riggers). What I feel could work well is if models with skypikes had a special rule like the Aethersped Hammer (attack first) but only a turn they charge or receive a charge. Skywardens could then do picket duty pretty well as a prickly detterent to charges, and if need be make assaults on other units with similar attacks first abilities. It's not really increasing their offensive power so I'd imagine Endrinriggers would still have a place as the main attackers, but it'd give the skywardens a niche so they don't need to directly compete. And on Arkanauts I could still see it making skypikes an option I'd at least consider.
  7. Thermal rider cloak on Mhornar general is a pretty cool idea. Moveability of a slow general with a strong ability had always been an issue. I'd tried Mhornar escort wing a couple times as the command trait is very powerful and you can get near guaranteed hits off your ships with the two. But I had a pretty bad run in with beastclaws smashing the castle. Although Thyrngs grudges isn't as powerful, there's no incentive to castle (given it is a small castle at 3"). So I've liked that I feel freer to spread out. I also quite like Thyrngs one time reroll. Sometimes feels a bit like Murphy's law though haha as once you spend it you're bound to get something else that needs it even more. Any reason for drill cannons on the Gunhaulers? I feel like unless you have some method for wound roll manipulation it's not worth it.
  8. Hi Luzgurbel, I've only played a bit, but Thyrng and Escort wing was how I liked to run them as well. It works well if the opponent has big targets, either large horde units or monsters. If they run alot of similar things where there isn't as much target priority its more difficult. I run 3*5 thunderers in the frigate. Gives flexibility when disembarking and usually I don't think they need a Khemist buff that much. Also I often give the frigate either buouancy aid or parachutes. Last word is pretty good on the ironclads volley cannon but on the frigate it's a harder sell for me. I'd want a larger arkanauts unit for good Khemist use. Probably could afford to loose a character to get another 10 at least. Not sure your intents with the endrinmaster and navigator. Depending on what artifacts you give them you can make the navigator a reasonably useful dispeller or the endrinmaster reasonably offensive. So could drop whichever you prefer. With the thunderers, warscroll bonus ships and Khemist skyhooks you have a few different units that can send out a bit of hurt. It's easy with Thyrng and Escort wing to put all your eggs into one basket I feel, and just over kill one selected unit and have some difficulty with the rest.
  9. Yeah it's doable. Ultimately it comes down to the extent you want to magnetise. I didn't do heads, there are different style heads for skyriggers and endrinriggers but I just mixed them up. I just did arms. You can run into a bit of difficulty with some of the guns. The grapnel launcher, skyhook and drill cannon all have the same base but different weapon heads. I just chose one and stuck with it, you'd have to get a bit creative if you were to try magnetise those. It takes a long time though.
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