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  1. Noice noice, what are those name plaques made of? Look pretty cool. I think I recognise some of those from 9gag
  2. Allied units dont get allegiance abilities unless there's something to counteract that. In zilfins case it is friendly 'zilfin' units but your allies dont get the keyword so cant use it. And exception to this would be Thryng where you can take other duardin units, kind of like allies, but they get the Thryng keyword and so can benefit from their artycle and footnote.
  3. I used 1mm magnets on the arms. Theyre adequately strong and easy to put in, just a 1mm drill bit. I didnt bother with heads but 1mm ones would do that fine as well. I didnt magnetise the flight stands, i think whether to do that or not probably depends on your intended transportation method? Off the left arm the guys have a hose that links back to their backpack. I just used a 0.5mm pin to locate it, hose is a bit small to try fit a magnet it. Not so needed for riggers as their saws are short but useful on the wardens with the pikes that stick out quite far.
  4. Yeah pretty much, in a situation where you can shoot with the riggers but no the wardens, you're better off with the riggers. Although this does start to change if you combo it with rerolls like escort wing or khemist. Khemist works well as it makes them nearly autowound which pulls up the skywarden alot. Im not a big fan of hitch and charge as its a bit too unreliable to rely on for me. Maybe I'm conservative with charging. And with zon wardens, if you fail the charge you're a bit stuffed A khemist boost on Zon wardens you move and charge in is very nice though. It also brings their pistols to slightly better than standard riggers shots. So I'd try that. If you're castling and using the wardens to counter charge its easy enough to have the khemist in range. But if you're using them aggressively its not. Options would be either thermal rider cloak but that uses an artifact, or a ship for the khemist to hang in. He cant use augmentation embarked, but the Zon footnote works to drop him first then boost. Thats also good as it means the wardens are likely in 12" of the boat so get the bravery bonus.
  5. They look pretty good, always cool seeing custom schemes. Bit of a funny relation between hull materials and maintenance regimes haha. Would suggest something about the character of their people, but then would also beget other things like if they dont maintain their ships, what about their gear, their city, or their homes etc? An alternative suggestion if you like is that for whatever reason, dyes, paints and pigments usually used extensively in other skyports to decorate and create the fleet colours are incredibly scarce/uncommon in Barak Zinti (like the name btw). Could be due to lack of availability, or a lack of desire to from the skyport inhabitants predisposition to flamboyance. So instead nearly all things in the skyport are the base colours of the materials that comprise them. Hence their greenish brown cloth colour and bare metals used everywhere. And the paint on the ships could just be due to the mixture of a tin paint used to coat them. To keep the image of them not being repaired, could be that the corrosion inhibiting properties in the paint leech into the metal hulls so even if scratched off its not an issue. Hence they only repair serious damage and leave the rest as is. You could look at getting a warp lightning vortex and spin it in with the ports khemist experiments with tin conductivity to make new bombs of a sort. Edit/ Thinking on it a bit more, you could spin it that they source tin from a mine below where the skyport stays. Their produce from that is the main source of money for the port, but its also the main cause of problems from gases and toxic air coming up off it. This causes things to tarnish and colours to stain so for the most part they dont bother to as everything just gets dirty and damaged.
  6. There's no trading with some people is pretty decent. One issue i feel with diviner is that the opponent can steer you away from the place you make battleshock immune. And its just one place at 12". Thinking back to my ork blob days, large squads were pretty unwieldy to move around the battlefield, and these move 4" not 6"... I think diviner works better with large balloon squads as of better mobility and still low model count. Plus loosing them to battle shock sucks a bit more than arkanauts. I'm thinking this could be nice: Barak Urbaz Admiral War Wound, Rune of Mark 140 Navigator Cyclonic Aethometer100 Khemist 90 Khemist 90 40 Arkanauts Full kit 360 Ironclad - Great Skycannon, Breath of Morgrim 510 Iron Sky Command 130 total 1420 2 options for the other 580, #1: 30 Arkanauts Full kit 270 10 Arkanauts Full kit 90 10 Arkanauts Full kit 90 5 Thunderers Fumigator 120 total 1990 Or #2 12 Endrinriggers 400 2*10 Arkanauts Full kit 180 total 2000 #1 would have one blob sticking around the ironclad, and the other with the Admiral for battleshock, both with Khemist. Although #1 was more the original intent of dropping heaps of Arkanauts, I'm quite liking #2. Fighting clean the large arkanaut squads can put out some hurt, but realistically you'll never get all 40 into melee at once, and often wont have all 40 in pistol range either I expect. In addition with base 4+/4+ any negative hit or wound mods or save bonus make a big impact. So the endrinriggers squad is good to counter those, while the Arkanauts can clash with their regular goons. Also #2 could be 2 drops if combining the small Arkanaut squads, but I'd like to keep one to screen the blob and another in the ship for play options, so probably 3. Im only 20 arkanauts short to try this, maybe will pick some up.
  7. Once upon a time I played orks and 100 guys didnt seem daunting but for arkanauts it does haha. Might just be a way of thinking. When i compare them to similar costed units they do look better. Maybe they just miss the characters and support abilities that some of those other units have to make them better. Perhaps just maxing out on gold as that can make them pretty decent. So urbaz + rune of mark and maybe iron sky to hold them all together. Pos admiral with War wound for CP farm as well. Feels like it could work but Ive only got 40 haha.
  8. Do people use arkanaut squads bigger than 10 now? I can never really see a reason to. Maybe if we could get 40 for 300 I might take a full squad.
  9. Ive never really thought about using 2 battalions at once. Looks too expensive to get a good return. Also Thundrik is Barak Bar, while you'll be needing to be Urbaz as you pointed out. With regards to drops its a bit more than 3, battalions deploy all at once, but others separate. Including embarked units unless in a battalion. Also in the iron sky I dont think you can take Thundrik. Its not the keyword in the battalion, its the unit name. Unlike the ENDRINMASTER keyword in it. Id suggest looking at just a single battalion.
  10. Barak Zon Escort Wing arrangements 1980 Endrinmaster w/ Suit 220 general - bearer of the ironstar, aethersped hammer Aether Khemist - Emergency Ventplates 90 Arkanaut Company 90 Arkanaut Company 90 Grundstok Escort Wing 140 10 Thunderers - Rifles, 2 Fumigators 240 9 Skywardens - 1 Skyhook 300 Gunhauler - Drill 150 Gunhauler - Drill, Spar Torpedo 150 Ironclad - Great Skyhook, Dealbreaker Ram 510 Main changeout point is the khemist, either going with caustic anatomiser or taking a navigator with cyclonic aethometer. Not sure what I like most, but its nice having a combination of defense and offense so generally go with the khemist. The khemist is also the only way I can see to make use of Zons footnote. Being able to disembark in the hero phase seems rather useless for nearly everyone, but can be used on the khemist so he can buff the skywardens. Does work decently as keeping the khemist onboard and popping smoke can cover the whole army from shooting (from my understanding its 6" from the ironclad if he's embarked which covers a lot). Then in my following turn disembark him with the footnote, boost the skywardens and charge in with them almost auto wounding.
  11. The miners feel a bit lackluster as we've already got capacity to go nearly anywhere. Bit of a more expensive method though with boats. The miners warscroll looks outdated now, things tend to creep up over the years. An auric runesmiter and hearthguard berzerkers are more worthwhile. Can also pop up anywhere and the hearthguard have good staying power, so they're good to drop infront of relocating ships. The runesmiter is a bit useless offensively, but gives the berzerkers and after save and can get them to reroll wounds. Combined with Thyrng grudges reroll hits they can hit pretty hard. Sometimes i wonder on the artifacts, depends on what i take. I don't see much appeal in the frigate endrinworks, but the others have good ones. And whilst the reroll ones is only on sky vessels, rerolling 1s on a unit of 10 Thunderers will only net you about 1 more wound for them to save. I like the escort wing in Zon. Everything can make good use of it, chuck a ram and torpedo on an ironclad and gunhauler and get stuck in.
  12. I feel there less worth to be had out of a zilfin escort wing as they already get the rerolls against flyers. Fly is pretty common, even squigs get it somehow. Depends what you want to do with artifacts and drops, but I'd consider saving the battalion points. Its about another gunhauler. For looking to survive following fights its doable, just need to pick them right.
  13. Yes, assuming both the khemist and Thunderers were on foot beforehand. Bit of a particular case to get it to happen. Does bring up a point though, what do people use khemists on these days? I feel like rerolling 1s is only worthwhile on a 3+/2+. Which leaves just the balloons. If i ran thundrik I'd probably consider him with Thunderers as he buffs hits, but then I'd need to be Nar.
  14. Hadnt realised before they were starting to do that style. Doubt I'd get it now, but if they had that sorta stuff when I first started a couple decades back it would've been cool. So seems like a good direction overall i think.
  15. I havent versed IJ, but just thought that if you were gonna screen you need a bit more distance from what you're screening than typical and to make your screen tight rather than loose. Usually Id space out a screen to cover more area so things cant get around it. But with mawcrushas if you're too spaced out they may kill everything within the 3" bubble after the charge and then keep going. But if your company is tight thats unlikely. The mad as hell ability gives a free D6 move when units get wounded over 9", and smashin and bashin gives you some additional strikes first in bigger melees but I wouldnt of thought that'd help that much for breaking through the screen. The company is definitely a throw away but you should be able to prevent combo charges with it placed well. Then the mawcrusha is sitting in the open to shoot your turn. It is something that I could imagine would easily wreck you in a double turn. Id probably prefer going second to prevent that.
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