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  1. Between friends it's generally okay to let small point discrepancies slide. It's casual, have fun. Quick Q though, are Storm Friends and Jezzails worth their points?
  2. Thanks! Thanquol is one heck of a beast, just as long as you can protect him from flanks/massed shooting attacks. I think that we'll find Warpfire/Clanrats block combo as you mentioned will be our bread and butter answer to enemy battlelines/hordes, and will because a standard catch-all for Skryre/Skaventide lists. As for Thanquol, I wouldn't quite call him a trap unit unless you're playing sub 2000; even then his spells and firepower alone is going to toast even elites.
  3. Well, we did open war (which I hate) and got the V deployment, where one army gets from two corners to the middle, and the other is divided into two and gets two separate corners. I began deploying in the V shaped space with my Clawlord at the tip of the spear with the two Clanrat units at either wing; when I realized he was all-inning one corner I deployed my Doomwheel on that side, followed up by my two weapon teams with my Bombardier in tow. I could go into specifics as to what happened, but pretty much I was unable to bring all my Clanrats to bear on his army. I'm pretty sure he fielded far more than 1K, he had a 20 man unit of shootas, 20 man unit of stabbas, what looked like a doubled, combined unit of squigs with some herders, two units of Fanatics (these guys SUCK to fight against), and a variety of shamans and a lot support staff alongside some sort of melee oriented leader. He fielded a lot of nets and those things are pure BS. Skaven Breakdown: Warlock Bombardier: A nice inexpensive unit that can buff itself or other Skryre units in your outfit. Weak save and HP, and a dubious attack. I only hit once with him in three turns and did 3 wounds on a hit, the other two times I failed to wound. Only one spell cast hurts it as well but it's a relatively inexpensive support hero. Clawlord: I forgot he benefited from Lead From The Back, okayish damage and durability. I'd recon he's better for larger games where you can afford to spend points on an auxiliary damage dealer/army buffer. Clanrats: Much better than they were, they hold on very well with Strength in Numbers and improved Clanshields, until then get too low. I rolled a 6 twice for my morale on a single unit over two turns and it wiped them out. I gave a bealgured unit x2 attacks turn 2, only for them to be affected by the goblin nets and being under 30 models, did a bunch of nothing. Other one crashed into his supporting heroes but they stubbornly held on. Doomwheel: Potentially good movement, the single turn I used it it only moved 9 inches and did okay damage with overcharged warp bolts and vigordust. Charged a shaman, shootas and fanatics, wiped out the fanatics. Died turn 2. Rattling guns: One of them died right off the bat in the first half of turn one, the other died when I overcharged and it rolled a double. Got some nice warp-lead out it before it grinded itself to bits. Vermintide: Majorly useless, barely did anything at all. Bell of Doom: wasn't able to cast this, but I wish I did instead. I'm going to try again with a revised list, or ply for a bigger game. Hah, went with Rattlings because I could buff the ****** out of them; but year in this instance I should've used warpflamers. Unfortunately I showed up and played a pickup game. When fighting another horde army, I think I'll quietly slip them in.
  4. I've seen plague monks and/or blood bowl skaven converted to make acolytes, both are very convincing. I tried a 1000k list yesterday at my local shop, didn't go very well against Goblins. Clawlord Bombardier 2x 40 Clanrats 2x rattling guns Doomwheel Bell of Doom Vermintide Bombardier was largely useless and only hit once, and was only able to get vermintide out. It did 2 mw total. By turn 3 I was ground down to nothing. New idea! Verminlord Warbringer Bombardier 2x 40 Clanrats 3x rattling guns
  5. Yeah, 120 per ten would be fair considering their saves. Discounts as 40 models should still be applicable, though any changes in points would have to wait until the next Generals Handbook.
  6. Well hey thanks, but my question was whether to unify a scheme or have it ragtag. Going mixed colors because it'll add some variety.
  7. Howdy folks quick quest on painting Clanrats! Would it be better to have them more uniform in color i.e. Verminus red, Skryre blue, etc, or to have a mix and match?
  8. We'll have to wait a few weeks for the inevitable FAQ, which for some reason is becoming increasingly common.
  9. Oof that sucks. That's going to hurt for a long while.
  10. Well, keep in mind a FNP effect for a wound dice can re rolled only once as far as I know, unless Sigmar differs from 40K. I think I'll just make a Grey Seer my general for the ease of it. I'll be honest, Bell of Doom kinda scares me as a spell. I would hate to set it up and then have my opponent detonate it on top of all my guys/dispelled the following turn. Not a big fan of predatory spells.
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