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  1. Well I hope this platypus rumor is wrong. Still want a big elephant/ tapir
  2. Anyone know the difference between an arachnid and an insect? To GW they are the same thing
  3. I’m definitely having a hard time coming up with a settlers list that isn’t a bunch of freeguild. Anyone have some advice? I primarily want to run them for a small unit of sentinels and a wind mage or loreseeker mixed in with Krondys as coalition.
  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need any reinforced units. With everything being conversion heavy it makes my work load easier, this also frees up space for other things! one list leaves space for Krondys (big djinn) and budget fire elemental “hydra” another includes cele-p as a djinn, a frost Phoenix as tempest elemental and a hydra as a budget fire elemental but also includes 2 copters (carpet bombers) the other list has both frost and fire Phoenix as the full “elemental” and cele-p. of course I could just do one elemental and include some other unit, and none of these lists are meant to win games, just fun to map out what I could make!
  5. Thank you. Due tot he nature of how heavily things are converted and sculpted I have to make sure they can align with a list and have plausible representation for the unit.
  6. I made another Hallowheart list to include a Knight incantor (vizier) and praetors (ogor bodyguard). Had to split the sotw into two groups to be able to get the third SCE unit. Phoenix also turned into a hydra. I could drop the spears, add another copter and upgrade the Knight incantor but figure right now there’s more diversity and either way the list is still Garbo lol
  7. Well if anyone has ideas on how to work some synergy into my list or have any other ideas please let me know your thoughts.
  8. Thanks! Well the original djinn is finished, I want to make a larger one but got stuck on pose. The royal guard concept has been fleshed out, things not shown are the shields and mixed in halberds. The mix of armor scale mail and shield was supposed to count as the plate on the Phoenix guard.. However with trying to cram more things in these might need to become greatswords. So I may have to change them to use actual 2handers. I never understood why all “elite” units use 2handers. I’m current working on the archer concept. I didn’t want to do a ton of sculpting on every unit, but everyone likes the coat version rather than leather cuirass. efreeti/ fire elemental is a heavily sculpted over treelord, have it but haven’t started making the branches into flames. If I wanted to save points I could use it as a hydra instead, same base size, hurls fire and fire are regenerative. basic spearmen are needing to be sorted out. Then again if I went all freeguild I’d save points, though it’s always blown my mind why the freeguild spearmen cannot use shields.. probably use deathkorps bodies for these
  9. Oh how I wish those freeguild archers remained in the game legally. Such characterful models and would have loved some basic archers with the lower point cost. have you considered using settlers gain for the 1:4 sce and 1:4 LRL coalition?
  10. That would be awesome, just like the old world. If Bret was still a thing I would most likely be using them for list building since a lot transfers over. what is your CoS like? Since I don’t play I am not keen on any synergies with units, so I am looking to learn.
  11. Here are some old, new and janky concepts I’m working on.
  12. I have been working on my Araby project for a while now and decided it was time to build a list to have some goals to work towards rather than haphazardly converting things. The idea behind the list is to include an array of diverse units that represent what Araby is all about, so it isn’t competitive. Although I’d like it to be fun. I have a tenuous idea of how things work so feel free to make suggestions. Not sure which city this list could be, maybe Hallowheart. Hero’s: nomad (sheik) cele-p (djinn) hurricanum w/mage (vizier/ sultan on elephant) BL: sotw x 20 (archers) sott (desert magi) eternal guard (spearman) Phoenix guard (royal guard) retributors (ogres) gyrocopter (Carpet bomber) Behemoth: flamesypre Phoenix (efreeti) Total is 1990 Would have liked 2 gyros, not sure if eternal guard vs freeguild (sword n board) or better to drop the Phoenix for a hydra and Phoenix guard for great swords. Just to shuffle points but also trying to keep base sizes the same. Another wizard hero would have been great. Think I’ll try to come up with a settlers gain list.
  13. It should be hero selection that unlocks the battle line, not general. This would provide a much better mix of units and make up for the new coalition rules, which are bad.
  14. Would love some CoS/ crusade human models. I expect a return of the “war alter” and priests. Would REALLY like if there was an elite unit that was sword n board instead of elite unit always being 2handed weapons…
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