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  1. I can’t recall where I saw it recently, but how is no one talking about the KoS cat of nine tails option? (In place of shield hand)
  2. Key thing to remember: just because you don’t like the information doesn’t make it any less true. it may sound like complaining, but it’s only because you don’t care or like it. Fact is fact
  3. Well I hope they feel bad they didn’t make any new mortals. But I suspect they don’t care and will just use it as a future release lol odd though considering in the fluff it was the mortals questing to find where their beloved god/dess was being held
  4. Lots of things I’d like to attend. But I’m across the pond and ge doesn’t do fun stuff in the US lol
  5. My studio desk is always full of various projects in different states of progress. Out of all of them my favorite is definitely my “Araby” stuff. I see them more as isolationists. Valuing knowledge above all. Waging war when absolutely necessary. While “human” citizens are a thing, they would make heavy use of elemental forces. Depending, I could definitely see them in Hyish, due to the realms prominence for all things “higher” & naturally arabesques and mathematics yada yada. Ulgu could also be good, shrouding their society from outsiders and using more maligned elements. Really the only thing keeping me from getting things done is my own indecisiveness and complex projects. This is partly why I hop around on projects so it gives me time to reflect on decisions, work out the kinks and not force things. Which is why I still haven’t finished my egret beastman shaman after all these years haha Here is an example of my very much wip djinn..
  6. I am looking to buy the head from the blister pack freeguild general. It is the one with a metal helmet and 3 large center feathers located in the US, have paypal
  7. I would like some mortals with more of the eastern influence that the new dp/herald & kos have. Will make my araby conversions easier more likely.. currently converting thralls haha
  8. Could be elthrai rune on that doot doot
  9. KoS is nice, but my top pick is the flaming skeleton boatman. FSB is clearly a boss.
  10. More interested to see the “hindu” looking kos
  11. In hindsight I guess it’s better they get more fear in releases out of the way so they can move on to other things haha
  12. Well the rumor engine pic that is an armored claw is something one of the original keeper models had. Beyond that, hoping for aelf soup at least. A full reveal like last year needs to be a thing. I am excited at the possibilities but my bar is set extremely low lol
  13. Hype train: anything other than dwarves rage train: anything peck related
  14. Nothing quite as stealthy as someone doot dooting on a large shiny trumpet lol
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