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  1. The point is that it’s the new LoN because they said so, it actually isn’t a representation of the soup that was the LoN at the time. A new LoN would be all encompassing soup of all death factions. This is more or less hamfisted bats zombies and skeletons
  2. Legion of Negash lite, no ethereal unit or any of the classic ones VC even had: black coach, spirit host, wraith and banshee. so not really LoN
  3. I had some great plans. But without things like cavalry mounted vampire lord, the sad state of wight kings, and zero spook it took away even considering character conversion. maybe when the 2.0 book inevitably drops later this year they will add in some more options.
  4. Well it looks like barrow kings will have to wait till there’s a proper inclusion of classic ethereals and black coach. C’mon white dwarf article!
  5. Honestly, I just wanted the “classic units” back, mainly the ethereal: spirit host (elite), banshee & wraith (heroes), black coach (rare). Sure add in ghouls.. I just wanted the classic blend to play with
  6. I am hoping the Nagash icon is the “lon” style sub faction that allows for some soup with other death for a more classic style VC book. It’s the only way the Barrow Kings chariot will fly! Doubt it will happen though.
  7. I am really hoping the Negash icon is a feasible option, that includes some minor spooks...
  8. Very curious if this winged SCE is a new look moving forward or a one off “angel”. personally I liked the radiant light wings and was something different that drew from some famous sculptures. Since this new character is a big bad, which will rival the celestant prime, the “end all be all”, what stat adjustment will it receive so one just doesn’t outright replace the other since SCE have a lot of units that seem to do that..
  9. I would like to know if there are certain builds that allow access to other death faction units similar to CoS. But I suspect not..
  10. It is a top view of the big claw. You can tell by the 3 side spikes and the ridges on the inside of the claws. Barnacles are the same
  11. The point I am making is that vampires classically always have had spirit hosts, black coach (reviving vampire and transport), wraith and banshee. By that logic all things not bat or werewolf-vampire heros should be moved to their own books ie zombie or skeleton. obr is its own thing. Fec and nh are a product of splitting up VC because it was in vogue to make a ton at the start of AoS. FeC is now the defunct strigoi. im not saying VC should have all of it. I’m just saying classically they have had the basics. we all know things baked in are always better than alliances.
  12. I think there are nice things here, but the army is disjointed. On one hand you have the flanged armor of the blood knights and vampires that have been a thing for quite a while. Then you have the injection of “kislev” vampire characters. Which aesthetically is disjointed by everything else in the army. Hell all wolves in the army except the two on the wolf riding lady are dead but hers. zombies wolves and bats are generic skeletons have a new look of heavily armored that rival graveguard, also in stature. With the exception of leman Russ returned from the warp, I mean Radukan (
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