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  1. I feel that it was a missed opportunity to do a single upscaled brinstone horror or duo still cool we got more spells though!
  2. Pretty lackluster reveal and release. Hope there are also some new spells/ terrain coming with the books
  3. My hopes for a cheaper celestant prime have been crushed lol
  4. Sweet, I hope the Celestant Prime went down again!
  5. Well I’m curious how the support for the system will play out. HH was big at first and saw many releases, it didn’t take long before things just started to trickle.. I hope this means we get to see other parts of the old world less traveled.. c’mon Araby!
  6. Angels traditionally also never had wings. Because artwork was used for the illiterate, wings were used to show that these other humanoids or divine beings had flight or came from the sky.
  7. Why are the bits I’m interested in on Katakros have to be attached to large chunks of the base lol curses
  8. Hopefully we’ll know sooner, GW has done a good job of doing previews when things are “leaked”
  9. Oh yeah I agree, I’m just curious about what’s included. I’m sure it will be set up similar to how CoS book is. id like them to just open up other options with kits that missed on with CoS like general on Demigryph, which could be made with the kit.. just add in an effortless wars roll lol Things like general on warshrine etc.
  10. I’m excited to see what else comes from the StD release, if it’s real. They have a lot of potential units that span several books. I also like to see new endless spells since they are quite versatile for modeling purposes.
  11. Perhaps it’s a brush to keep those bones nice and clean
  12. I agree, why doesn’t he just make himself have giant legs? The bone construct thing is interesting because they all have different looks and theoretically they can construct whatever they want. But there seems to be no real reason why everything isn’t just 1) giant 2) have more arms.
  13. I’m really curious to see what the Bonereapers Endless Spells will turn out to be. I could see them getting some sort of wall of bone
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