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  1. I think bringing back a system of options for heroes that existed as a similar format to how old army books worked would be fine. This concept still lets players go hog wild and convert with things GW don’t have strict models for. gw doesn’t have models to represent an array of combos with Anvil, so why can’t they have that same creativity for matched play options like they used to? i could see certain restrictions like: CoS have access to all current mounts in that book + x stormcast mounts etc. then maybe there are some general options across books that you pay a premium for. But it doesn’t matter, this feature will be gone by the next ghb and the ploy to get people to spend money and make crazy things they won’t be able to later use will have worked until it’s replaced by something else
  2. I think it would be more worth it if the anvil became a new way to make legit heroes for matched play. The return of old hero building is much needed. perhaps they will rethink and amend the ruling if there is enough poor reception. otherwise it’s just another set of gimmicky rules that fade away when the next ghb is released and a new ploy to get people to buy things comes out. yall remember mercs and how quickly some of those instantly went away? Lol
  3. Would absolutely like a pm with link, navigating that dumpster fire, is well, a dumpster fire. Side note. With a two week window for preorder on 40k box and 9th I wonder if in between we might get the ghb? I’d really like to understand why they don’t drop the gargants.. it’s a book a multi kit model haha
  4. Ouch battle mages going up for cities, looks like Hallowheart is getting more nerf bat. would have liked to see unmourned Phoenix drop a little bit. celestant prime at 300 still is weird, now if they made it so he could take an artifact..
  5. I am still surprised those spearmen don’t have an alternate sword and board build. What a shame.
  6. Everquest has several. In velious you built up faction with dwarves dragons or the giants. Each was either a city to raid or do massive quests with
  7. Thank you. Took a very very very long time. I do think I would like to make a larger one at some point
  8. Feather: empire general on foot blister head: 40k ogryn body: Ogroid thaumaturge swirl: balewind vortex cosmic swirl: celestant prime scabbard: magnus the red shoulder pad: storm cast Cosmic astrolabe: SCE compass thing
  9. Earlier this month I finished my Djinn and have since started working on some “alternative” beastmen.
  10. I hope that they move for a ramped up release schedule with things they have been waiting in the warehouse. I’d like things to get rolling on now that the excitement has been dragged out for a lot things, not only AoS but also 40k. Time to do some double drops on releases
  11. This is a Djinn I made that could be a Celestant Prime in a CoS army. Been planning to make a AoS-I died Araby army for a while now. Last image is concept to fruition (Dec 28,19 - May 19 20)
  12. Where there is only one tiny polar bear with no armor in the future of warhammer, but in the past kislev is teaming with giant bear mounts and makes use of magic ice weapons... surely lost technology similar to 30k to 40k... is basically global warming and animal extinction of the old world. im all for cool stuff. I just don’t see how giving them things in the not far past makes sense given none of it was present later in the game in context of just trying to retrofit the old world to be cool with new stuff for the sake of it rather than just bring it back to be cool with things that have a precedent To be there
  13. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any other Lumineth element forces for a long time. Shame
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