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  1. Maneater ogres were all over, though they all hailed from the same region which was like a “Mongolia”, the root of their aesthetic/ theme.
  2. I’d be over the moon if this was a reimagining of the old WD Barrow Kings list.
  3. The music sounds an awful lot like a sitar. Which is from India. But doesn’t mean they will be themed south Asian
  4. Nagash has several old pals. Im hoping this leads to a newly stylized Barrow Kings. For those that don’t know, Barrow Kings were a old WD article army that brought Krell and Kemmler back. The list featured skeletons, animated statues, constructs, ghosts, mummy troops and an awesome flying chariot. The sitar music makes me hope they take more influence from south Asian countries such as India for this. Very excited for this.
  5. I’d like to see either: StD to ride the Warcry hype and make all those new kits cross functional with AoS. Deathrattle, Barrow Kings style, flying chariot, animated statues etc. could tie in with that old friend that Nagash freed. some sort of book to clean up the mess that is aelves or freepeople probably will see the next season for underworlds though which is still cool.
  6. I was hoping beasts of chaos would be a shoe in. But that’s what other rounds are for, or count as. really excited for all the war band conversion potential. happy to see more orient influence in the last team too
  7. Any chance we might be able to get a mercenaries tab in the “choose allegiance” section? So people can discuss how they will be utilizing said new units and tactics for them? If this topic is already somewhere else Please ignore and delete the thread
  8. So am I understanding that Gors are being advertised as being a better option over the popular ungor raiders? Ungor raiders are not battle line, meaning that if a battle line unit is better than them in all ways now, there’s no reason to take them. also ungor raiders not being upgraded to count as battle line further makes them worthless.
  9. I find it weird that there aren’t any scourge listed.. and that any group of humans or dwarves could break away from an army with prized artillery like that.
  10. Theoretically the new TK could really just morph into Barrow Kings, or BK. BK made use of: chariot option for hq mummies constructs skeletons ghosts Cavalry probably won’t happen but I’d be into it
  11. So I guess that scaled rumor pic is a zoat for bb..
  12. Gotrek looks great, but I wish they wouldn’t loophole deader than dead’s from the end times. I’d like focus on new heroes
  13. I wonder if this means the celestant prime will be getting a stat boost..
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