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  1. I think they've just killed the Portal. There's absolutely no way it's worth 60 points, and now the Vortex is a much better option.
  2. You get the mobility, you get a certain amount of control of the combat phase through enlightened and syfires’ Abilities, a CP, an artefact and their really good profiles. 2 Tzaangor units might be an interesting list, but it’s a completely different playstyles..
  3. On top of his dispell ability -which I agree is very situational - the Curseling offers the cheapest points/spells option for Tzeentch, which is what makes it an interesting include. As for the Tzaangor Coven, it was played by a member of the Swedish team during the 6 Nations and they seemed fairly happy with it, for its extra attack, for the bonus to wound rolls and apparently for the unit of 3 enlightened as well. That being said, the Skyfires are obviously not that good when only 3 are fielded. What I meant: I don’t believe there’s ever a reason to play a Tzaangor unit that’s not maxed because of the extra attacks, and with the bonuses to them as part of the Coven it’s even more obvious.
  4. The Witchfyre list is the only one I find interesting, but I really question running the Blue Scribes over the Curseling, in a list that only has 4 wizards and no Endless Spells. Also maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get why you’d run a Tzaangor Coven with only 20 of them, it makes no sense to me...
  5. Well now you have neither the Ogroid nor the Magister, who are your only two ways of tying up units turn 1, nor do you have the Soulsnare Shackles. As a result, fast armies like Ironjawz and Nighthaunt cavalry will kill you almost instantly. Why are you so intent on keeping Fateweaver?
  6. I'd argue it's not that clear yet for the Everchosen battalions, but it will be pretty soon apparently:
  7. Ogroid has been updated, it makes brimstones. You need to get the FAQ, errata and updated warscrolls for an army like Tzeentch, because quite a few things have changed since the battletome. Considering your army's style, I would recommend dropping Fateweaver and the Skyfires (they're not that good when in units of 3) and bringing in a Magister, a Curseling and the Blue Scribes. Litterally all your units will be wizards for a nice total of 12 spells a turn, 13 with the cogs. That should also leave you a little room for more endless spells, and I'd recommend quickly summoning a herald of Tzeentch on disk to guarantee good summoning spaces.
  8. Tried to give you the best angle possible to see the connection, other poses can be made more dynamic. As you can see it’s going to require a bit of clean up but it’s completely possible.
  9. Actually I fully built the Skyfires previously, and so I had to start from there. I cut the lances of the Enlightened from the sprues and made them all one handed. From there I figured how to connect the Skyfires bow arms with the lances, used heat on a blade to get a decent clean cut and started drilling very small holes before I went bigger. The magnets I have are 3x2mm, and they sometimes protrude from the arms, so I might have to come up with a greenstuff patch to hide them properly. I hid the connection in the wrists and elbows, so that it doesn't matter if there's a slight imbalance in the alignment. To keep the Skyfire build clean, I've cut the engaged arrow at the feather, very close to the hand with a heated blade. As for accessories, so far I've left the quivers, I don't know that I'll go crazy and fully magnetise every piece of kit. Timewise, it's taken me 3 hours to do 3 of them last night. To be honest, the result is quite satisfactory.
  10. The awesome thing about that box is that if you magnetise your Skyfires/enlightened, the amount of combinations and battalions possible in there is huge. At this point, literally nothing is bad in that box. As for the list, Tzaangors tend to underperform when you only play 10, as they get bonus attacks the bigger the unit becomes. I played a 1k point version of that list for a while, I was too new to have success with it but I remember Alter-Kin being very underwhelming.
  11. I think it'll be very hard to make Deathriders + Olynder work, because you have to stretch your two principle mechanics too thin (resurrecting spirit hosts vs) being generally crazy fast and slippery. Also, you have zero anti-horde mechanic there. My deathrider wishlist looks like this: Heros - Reikenor the Grimhailer 180 - Spirit Drain - Knight of Shroud on Steed 140 - General - Ruler of the Spirit Host - Guardian of Souls 140 - Shademist - Lantern of Nagashizzar - Dreadblade Harrow 100 - Midnight Tome - Soul Cage Battleline - 30 Grimghast Reapers 360 - 10 Hexwraiths 320 - 10 Hexwraiths 320 Others - Black Coach 280 Battalion - Deathriders 130 Endless Spells - Prismatic Palisade 30 Total: 2000 points Wounds: 105
  12. I believe you can't deep strike your general. As for the spells and artefacts, I would say Soul Cage, Shademist and Lifestealer as well as Midnight Tome, Beacon of Nagashizzar and Pendant of the Fell Wind.
  13. BTW does anybody know how Chris Caves Jnr’s list perform? Talking about being radical with the Enlightened...
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