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  1. Great work, and more importantly great dedication. Looking forward to more.
  2. Thanks all. Here's some more test conversions using Empire Infantry parts (heads and arms). The shields are angular kite shields made from white plasticard, they don't show up well in the pics unfortunately, but they will once painted. The guy with the axe will have black and red robes, part of a warrior cult that worships Khorne... I want to explore the more sane followers of chaos who might only dabble in it, quite a contrast to muscle bound cannibal maniacs. To the right of him is some sort of warrior mystic, using high elf archer arms and an Imperial Knight head, with a face plate sculpted in place. Following that some WIP paint jobs. I like how the red Khorne demons contrast with sand bases and the light colours of the good guys. They are also evocative of evil Jinn from popular culture. The dragon cat rider (what I like to call celestial dracoline's in jest) is a simple conversion with liberator torso and arms. The reigns were made with plasticard strips. I'll share the 'fluff' on all this at a later date.
  3. I want to use this thread to track my little Sand project, long brewing. It will mostly be conversions and one off sculpts, but in some cases... conversion parts that I had cast up. Here are the test miniatures which I'm quite happy with. Human archers. These are my own metal torsos and legs, with GW plastic heads and arms. I'm not going for a straight up araby style army... but it's an influence. I really enjoy designing costumes and weapons from scratch so I hope to make all sorts of unique stuff. Whenever I do a project like this it's two armies I design... so it will be Humans and some Stormcast vs Khorne mortals and demons. I plan on doing some Khorne warrior conversions with these same metal torsos (painted red and black).
  4. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  5. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  6. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  7. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  8. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  9. MOTN

    Miniatures of the North

    MOTN metal torsos with GW plastic parts
  10. Brilliant stuff, very inspirational. The pathfinder is very effective and definetely a conversion I want to try myself.
  11. MOTN

    Intro and first minis

    Thanks. The white was simply 3-4 thin coats of Ulthuan Grey, highlighted with a couple of very thin coats of ceramite white. To finish off, a very fine line of Celestra Grey in the deep recesses to provide the shadow.
  12. I've quickly amassed a pile of miniatures for AOS so need a blog to motivate and showcase them all. I'm not a gamer but I've sculpted and painted for well over 20 years now. This collection will be small warbands with a variety of allies tied together with certain themes and campaigns in mind. I have a collection of art books for magic the gathering which I'm using as inspiration for my colour schemes - no dark and dirty Blanchitsu stuff, this will be clean and colourful work... with the odd mud and blood splatter. To show you what I mean, here's my first Stormcast miniatures. Bases need some autumn foliage but they are pretty much finished. Next up, some Wildwood ranger allies and Stormcasts with big two handed mauls. These were quite labour intensive miniatures to paint but I'm happy with the end result. I did the base first so not to make a mess of the figures legs or robes. I like simple wet blending with bright colours which you can see with the blue and white here. The base theme for this warband is something akin to the realm of death, haunted ruined look. With brown leaves and dead grass (still to be added). I sculpted a few additional leaves here and there.
  13. MOTN


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