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  1. Incredible work ! The conversions work very well ! They look like originals miniatures
  2. Hello ! Thank you very much to those who reacted to my finished scenery, especially to @Galvainn @Kramer and @Lord Veshnakar for their great comments Today I show you my current WIP, the Stormtreeman : I just finished the tabard and the flesh, I had paint it as I will paint my tree revenants ( of them are waiting...) as a link between them and my Stormbushes ^^ Still lot of work to do... Please tell me what do you think Bye !
  3. Hello everybody ! Today I show you my finished scenery for my stormbushes ! I have to admitt that I like the result, I'm already thinking about some new work on it for later... ^^ Here we are (some vines added) : I hope you will like it I tryed to make something "fluffy", like the illustrations of towns in the realms, please feel free to tell me what do you think ! Gr3g.
  4. Hi everybody ! Thanks @Seraphage and @Frodeck for your comments, and thank all of you pour your feedbacks. Today just some changes (I would love to say "ameliorations") on my building, I made new towers with more AOS esthetic : Here we are... Next step : Vines from GW... Then I think it will be finished... Thanks for reading ;)
  5. Hi everyone , @Tzaangor Management @Kramer @Lysandestolpe : Thank you very much for your comments my friends, glad to read them ! Today I would like to show you some progress on my scenery. As you know the city of Azhya stands in the realm of Ghyran, so the buildings need to have of course some vegetation !! Here we are, its still a WIP : Let me know what do you think
  6. Hi all ! Thank you very much for your comments, I'm glad to read them Today I would like to show you my entire unit of Stormbushes ended !! I'm happy with the final result. I hope you will like it too. But first, let me show you my last warrior completed : And now the family pictures : Hope you will like this unit Cheers !
  7. You made a really great army !!Your painting is very clean and give a "purity" result that's it's clearly awsome ! Can't wait to see your namarti; good luck for the next
  8. Hi all, Here some uptdates of my wip champion (the base is still missing). I hope you will like it ! I will make the base and some family pictures in the scenery ^^ Have a nice day all ! Cheers.
  9. Hi everybody, first let me tell thank you for your reactions to my work ! Very glad to see them. Today I would like to show you some more WIP before a new painted miniature soon. First I made a new "savage mutated stormbush", as the Biggest showed before, it's a kind of stormcast that went in the deep woods, tired by the battles and resurrections, and get mutated by the magic of Ghyran : He kept some stormcast armor plates and weapons as reminder of his ancient life. Then here is the hero of my first unit : A kind of wood angel... I'm painting it and hope it will be done soon :
  10. Hi all ! Hello elfhead, thanks for your comment, yes of course I agree, I bought the vines kit for this purpose I was thinking about some trees at each stage for showing that we are in Ghyran. Unfortunately the WIP it's long But I hope I will achieve it soon... Thanks my friend Here something new, it's a conversion I tryed for fun at the start but I like it : The idea behind this miniature it's that some stormcast tired about resurections get in the deep woods to discover a new way of lige and new humanity. Then the magic of the realm of life make them as tree men, inspiring them a new personality. You may see that he kept some of his equipment of stormcast warrior, as a remind of his past life... Tell me what do you think Bye !
  11. Hey guys ! Thank you very much for comments and reactions ! Allways glad to see that I'm not the only one thinking they are more or less great miniatures ^^ I will make more pics soon, I'm making a new top for the building. In fact I molded some parts of Ophidian Archway then multiply them with resin-plaster : Unfortunately I would need some more ophidian archwa pilars but I can't find them separately... Here how I did : Rakarth flesh + Agrax earthshade then Mix of rakarth flesh and pallyd witch flech then lining with white Today I would like to show you some WIP with my stortreeman (it's not done yet) : I think I will change some parts soon to finish it... I'm not 100% happy with his look... I hope you will like it at this stage, we will see next if you will prefer it ^^ Thanks for your reactions all ! Bye, I will be back with more Ghyran soldiers !
  12. Incredible miniatures ! I love your crimson guard specialy. Can't wait to see more, your painting it's reall great !!
  13. Hi, Everything is sayed in the title, I'm searching for some slaaneshi miniatures of Wrath and Rapture box : Infernal Enrapturess and some fiends of slaanesh. Thank you very much ; Cheers !
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