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  1. Incredible work ! Your hoplites are really amazing and the painting is fabulous ! Good job mate !
  2. Incredible work here ! What an NMM ! Congrats mate !
  3. Hello guys ! Helle TMS, thanks for your comment. Yes I tried but it's really too big unfortunately... but I found another use for the treelord head, tell me what do you think Hi Moldek, thanks for the kind words, I didn't know something like sending pictures to white dwarf was possible ^^ is it ? Unfortunately my succes chances are low I think... You said it all for the contrast paints, third of the time and maybe less !! Today I make a small pause in my tree revenants painting, so I made a new stormbush knight : I made some green stuff touches on it and it's currently in painting session ! I hope I will be able to post news soon. Have a nice day and tell me what do you think Cheers
  4. Hi all ! Hello mate, thanks for your comment, here the recipe : base : corax white shade : nihilak oxide shade in recess : coelia greenshade shade in extreme recces : incubi darkness lining : Pallyd witch flesh edge : white scar Today I will show you my tree revenants, painted with contrast paints. I tryed this paints to make my own opinion about them. I have to admit that I final love their style, here the result with this allies of m stormbushes : And finally the boss : I'm really happy with their looking and the time for painting them ! Tell me what do you think if you dare Bye !
  5. Hi all !! Today I show you my stormtreeman ended with his base : It was a really long work to paint the entire base but it's done ! I also made some modifications on my building : I changed the top ! For now I put the ophidian archway like this but it is only temporary, I will make something new with it. For this I'm searching for 2x Numinous occulum kits (if somedy has some i'm buyer !! :P) Feel free to give me you advices or point of you ! Cheers.
  6. Hi everybody, Today I show you a new conversion for my Wood army, Taularus the Druid : I hope you will like it Bye bye !
  7. Hello all ! Today I would like to show you a conversion I have achieved. It is an avatar of the hunt homemade : "The Courtisans of Azhya would usually denigrate the "forest people", considered primitive and inferior : hermit stormcasts, revenants, spirits and other dryads, though the City never hesitated to call it to swell the ranks of stormbushes when needed. However, it was a spirit that had been able to impose itself and to be admitted to the heart of this whimsical and proud Court, its best asset, it is true, having been the fear it inspired. Kurnarhous had a shady and willingly warlike character and declared himself a representative of the so-called "forest people" and no one had dared to question the title for fear of his wrath. Strangely similar to the Kurnoth Hunters, his humanoid body, however, harbored the wildest rumors about his origins, willingly linking it to a resurrection Orion, a true deity who crisscrossed the forest of Athel Loren in the old world. His pride, like his peers, also led him to wrap himself in draperies designed in the finest Elven fabrics, jewelry forged in the most precious metals, while his perfectly shining armor shone constantly as if to dazzle soul that would lay eyes on him. Kurnarhous is particularly quick to go to battle with his enchanted weapon, which he handles with unsuspected dexterity at the sight of his physical build. He remains today still one of the most assiduous defenders of Azhya and allows the City to be able to raise significant osts of spirits and other creatures of the undergrowth to guarantee its relative tranquility." Based on Syll Esske, I made kitbashing with some Kurnoth parts. Please telle me what do you think about it Cheers !
  8. Hi all ! Tanks @Lorax for your comment ! Unfortunately I did not take the head off beacause I was scared about repositioning it ^^ I tried to mask the gap with some painting. Here it is, the Stormtreeman fully painted : Still missing the base. I will work on it soon. Please tell me what do you think of this big guy Cheers !
  9. What a fantastic conversion ! The position it's really dynamical ! Amazing !
  10. Incredible work ! The conversions work very well ! They look like originals miniatures
  11. Hello ! Thank you very much to those who reacted to my finished scenery, especially to @Galvainn @Kramer and @Lord Veshnakar for their great comments Today I show you my current WIP, the Stormtreeman : I just finished the tabard and the flesh, I had paint it as I will paint my tree revenants ( of them are waiting...) as a link between them and my Stormbushes ^^ Still lot of work to do... Please tell me what do you think Bye !
  12. Hello everybody ! Today I show you my finished scenery for my stormbushes ! I have to admitt that I like the result, I'm already thinking about some new work on it for later... ^^ Here we are (some vines added) : I hope you will like it I tryed to make something "fluffy", like the illustrations of towns in the realms, please feel free to tell me what do you think ! Gr3g.
  13. Hi everybody ! Thanks @Seraphage and @Frodeck for your comments, and thank all of you pour your feedbacks. Today just some changes (I would love to say "ameliorations") on my building, I made new towers with more AOS esthetic : Here we are... Next step : Vines from GW... Then I think it will be finished... Thanks for reading ;)
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