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  1. Really good nmm ! Good job, I love the make up too, very nice details here !!
  2. Gr3g

    Nighthaunt hexwraith conversions.

    Amazing ! Really cool ! Good job !
  3. Hello all, I would like to make a sylvaneth scenery to come near my stormcast one (WIP) : I found this picture : Does somebody knows if there is other pictures of it and where can I find them ? Does somebody tried something like this ? Thank you very much for your help, Cheers !!
  4. The apple is missing ;) Thanks for posting man !! I like your conversion very much (big fan of kitbashing). The snake head is from Mierce miniatures gorgons. I hope we will see a lot of new stuff here, please feel free to post for the Prince of Pleasure ?
  5. Hey all ! Everything is in the title, I would like to keep in a one an only place the pictures of your slaanesh conversions ! In my mind the slaaneshi warriors are reall beautifull creatures with a great elegance. I don't think the actual miniatures are giving the hosts of slaanesh the beauty they deserve (I love the Sigvald mini btw). Here some of mine made few years ago : So please, feel free so post your miniatures in this topic, make all our senses on alert
  6. Gr3g

    The WAAAGH Wagon

    That's really amazing man !!
  7. Gr3g

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Fantastic... This blood is exceptionnal !
  8. Gr3g

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Waaouh Man ! That's really incredible ! Your band its fantastic, the best DOK band I ever seen ! Congrats.
  9. Gr3g

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Waouh ! The paintjob is as incredible than the conversion job ! This is an amazing stuff, can't believe it, you're talented for sure !
  10. Gr3g

    model conversion - collections and ideas

    What a job man !! I love it so much !! Can't believe what I see, where can I see more of your stuff ? Here some of mine :
  11. Yeeeaah that's great my friend !!! Everybody have his try with these guys ! Hope mine will be great too. I think they will be more "antic" warriors than barbarians btw...