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Ironjawz vs Tzeentch Skirmish Battle Report 1

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Hi guys!

Today I went to the local gaming club and had a play through half a Skirmish campaign. I have to say, it was a lot of fun! Whilst playing I took a few pictures of each game in order for me to write a bit of a battle report here on the forum for those who may want to see what it's all about.

Forming the Warbands

We decided on 30 Renown to start with, as 25 was a bit too minimalist and didn't really allow for anything decent. Rolling purely Ironjawz, I decided to take my Warchanter - affectionately named Gobrot - an Ardboy Boss named Wakka, and a Brute Boss called Choppa all clocking in at 27 Renown. I decided to choose Merciless Killer (+1 to wound rolls) as my Command Trait, and the +1 wound artefact.

My opponent, Paul, ran with a Gaunt Summoner, a couple of Kairic Acolytes, and a Tzaangor, for bang on 30, giving me one underdog roll. He chose Tenacious Defender as a Command Trait, granting +1 save to those within 6", and I can't for the life of me remember his artefact.

GAME 1: Clash at Dawn

The aim was pretty simple here; force your opponent to rout by killing 50% or more of their warband. A quick random deployment roll was spectacularly uneventful, with our warbands ending up in opposite corners.


Gobrot's warband head towards the village in search of spoils, in a true example of 'follow the leader'.

Turn 1

Turn 1 began with me taking the initiative. I sent my warband straight for the enemy, and we both straight away forgot about the no-man's land in the middle. Thankfully there was a large house that pretty much provided it anyway, so it didn't affect how things played out.

My rampaging destruction rolls gained me a few inches, and a run roll for Choppa saw him take cover behind a house quite far up.

Paul's Gaunt Summoner and one of the Acolytes took cover behind a hedge, unable to cast anything offensive at the hidden Orcs. He cunningly stayed within 3" of an Arcane ruin, meaning his Mystic Shield easily went off on the Tzaangor nearby. The Tzaangor - either brave or foolhardy - ran into the Arcane ruin for the extra save.

Turn 2

Paul won the roll off, and recast both Tenacious Defender and Mystic Shield on the Tzaangor, before sending an Acolyte's spell toward Wakka, who shrugged it off. The Gaunt Summoner's runestaff chipped a wound off Gobrot for good measure, before the Acolyte made a headlong charge into Choppa. All his attacks only served to anger the Brute, who swiftly stamped his brains out with 4 attacks at +1 to both hit and wound and a -1 rend.

Gobrot's mob responded with a blindingly successful destruction move, regular move, and boxcars to charge for Choppa, who went straight in for the kill with the Gaunt Summoner by crashing through the hedge.

Gobrot went headlong for the Tzaangor in the ruins, and the punch-up began.


Warchanter Gobrot gets involved in a one-on-one with the Tzaangor in the ruins, whilst some terrible move and charge rolls for Wakka leave him stopping for a pint at the tavern.

Choppa launched his flurry of attacks at the Gaunt Summoner, taking four wounds off in short order. The Tzaangor managed to knock some wounds off the Warchanter thanks to some god-awful save rolls, with which I was less than impressed.


Choppa's showdown with the Gaunt Summoner. Not shown in the picture, however, is the fact that a moment later the Tzeentchian spellcaster stabbed Choppa in the throat with his dagger, the Orc subsequently failing his save, and then on top of that failing the forced bravery check from the unsaved wound and was vaporised. Even an underdog re-roll didn't help. Great.

Turn 3

Paul, yet again, won the roll off and stole my much needed turn. My plans to kill the Gaunt Summoner in two combats, or at least draw in the squishy Acolyte, had failed, as had my attempt to one-shot the Tzaangor. 

The Gaunt Summoner wasted no time, and cast an Arcane Bolt that went off thanks to the Arcane ruins nearby. A 3 on the D3 roll caused Gobrot to explode, ending the game as my casualties caused me to rout. Bollocks.


Earning a measly 6 Renown for the loss, I found myself with 9 to play with, thanks to my warband being 3 under par to start with. As such, Gobrot saw fit to call in some bigger guns, recruiting Warpigg the Gore-Grunta rider. Roling on the rewards table, he also bagged himself another artefact, allowing for a 5+ save against mortal wounds. It could prove useful.


Left to right: Wakka, Warchanter Gobrot, Choppa and Warpigg.






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