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Hi, i'm Will!

I've been playing 40k, and a bit of WHFB, for as long as I can remember. Except for that inevitable break for uni, naturally.

I sold my Dwarf during 8th, with all end times rumours abound, I took the chance and got a good price. This is my main wargaming regret, I loved those little hairy ******.

It wasn't a rage quit as such, as I barely played 8th to begin with. But now, my 40k mates are transitioning into AoS, and a shout out from TBS put me on to this forum. Seems super sweet, nice to see some positive attitudes.

I was dubious about AoS myself, a little, but i'm keen to give the game a real chance.

I've started assembling my Order Serpentis force. I'll likely pop some up in the gallery when they are in good shape.

Looking forward to getting involved!



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