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2000 points competitive Kharadron


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the extra foot note is the re-roll charge


Aether-Khemist - 100

Aether-Khemist - 100

Aether-Khemist - 100


Arkanaut company x 10 - 3 lights hooks - 120

Arkanaut company x 10 - 3 lights hooks - 120

Arkanaut company x 10 - 3 lights hooks -120


Arkanaut Ironclad (comes in from the sky)

Arkanaut Frigate (the one that moves right away in the hero phase)


Endrinriggers x 9

Grundstok thunderers x 10 - all armed with grundstok morters

Total Points


Game plan I only have 2 drops in the iron clad i have 2 unit of the Arkanaut company and 2 Aether-Khemist teleport into the enemy grill for mass shooting

Frigate has 1 Arkanaut company and 1 Aether-Khemist while having the Endrinriggers latched on.

Grundstok gunhauler having 36" shooting range can be placed fairly safe.

For the most part having 2 drop I should go first. so the frigate drops the Aether-Khemist right by the Grundstok gunhauler for a sweet 20 shots doing d3 wounds on what I need :)

This allows the Frigate to move up 10" in the hero phase drop the Endrinriggers 3" in front and the Arkanaut company in a good area to unload shooting where needed.

The Iron clad drops in from the sky where needed so 1 Aether-Khemist will be close to Endrinriggers to give them 4 shots each to shoot whats needed. While the other Aether-Khemist is set up with a Arkanaut company to give extra shots where needed.

The 2 Arkanaut company are used for shooting where needed.

Now the Endrinriggers have a huge threat range and are pretty beast in close combat. having a 13" hero phase move + 12 regular move + 2d6 re-roll charge (due to foot note) means Im going to have a good change of turn 1 charge where I need :)

What do you all think?

**Side note since I'm taking BARAK-ZILFIN, THE WINDSWEPT CITY can I take what is not provided through BARAK-ZILFIN such as command trait or weapon?


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Well it looks fine to me, a bit expensive acquiring all the sky hooks and mortars.   I would also look at splitting the Edwin riggers into two units, a unit of six and a unit of 3 to hang out next to your two airships for healing and to catch a ride till they need to disembark and attack a unit.   Also, you have three khamista which are good, but maybe replace one with an admiral for his fleet buff.   The khemists are sort of squishy and depending on how you field them you might want a hero that can help out in melee should that happen, or help repair the iron clad in the way of a master Edwinrigger.  Bare in mind too, since the capacity of your ships will be over their comfortable max, that your ships will have their speed reduced till they disembark stuff.  

Also, since your thunderers have a long range that unit might honestly do better by staying on the ground and shooting at their 36 inch distance, as they don't really want to get into melee with them.   

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Ya the game plan with the thunderers is to stand back and shoot. Agreed on the expensive side but some easy conversion potentials I think gum wise. 

Another thought was the drop thunderer s to 5 man take another unit of edwinrigger and then split 2 units of 6. 

Over burden won't be an issue as dude will move out before moving. The khemits only there to buff my shooting my units will be able to hold their own my army will be a straight alpha strike with some heavy shooting support. If all goes as plan my opponent won't have much left to attack back with.

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On 4/30/2017 at 0:07 AM, Spinsane said:

Don't you think figuring out a way to include an Iron Sky Command (since you already have all the parts) could help ensure the survival of your heroes, thus ensuring your guns remain effective throughout?

I see your point it's to bad you can only have 1 unit of arkanaut company but I do think I'll add that thanks

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