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  1. Ah, fair enough, although I doubt I myself tend to play my upgrades asap as I want to cycle my powerdeck, whatever playstyle I go with... That would explain my confusion
  2. Wait, care to explain this one? The only advantage I can see to waiting until the end phase to play upgrades instead of doing so right away is it prevents the opponent from reacting to your upgrade with a ploy until at least the next action phase, thus forcing him/her to keep cards in hand (if they already have Shattershard, for example) instead of playing it right away and then drawing a replacement card in the end phase...
  3. Fair enough. Looks like there's not enough anti-artifacts tech out there, alas. I wish there was a ploy that could force target model to declare a charge next turn, as that'd have been a decent counter against the relics deck...
  4. Is it me or were most players still focusing on Power decks meant to enhance their playstyle, rather than decks meant to disrupt their opponents' ? How well do you think a relics deck can fare against a deck intent on breaking it? (Frozen in Time and Shattershard, mostly)
  5. I love the old-school vibe you went with!
  6. Sigh. And to think that a few weeks ago the sky was falling because the Chosen Axe were obviously, according to you, being rendered inept to a point where the game was broken... It's surprising how jumping to premature conclusions can lead to innacurate judgement.
  7. Spinsane

    My Turn

    Actually, the rulebook is relatively clear on how to play My Turn, once you look more closely at it. THIS, here, is where people are wrong on how My Turn (and a few other reactions) is (are) played. The rules actually read: You'd be right if we were to look at the second sentence, but if you look more closely, it says the Reaction interrupts gameplay only if triggered during an activation. In all other cases, the first sentence says the reaction occurs immediately after the activation/action ends. My Turn occurs after the action/activation, so does not interrupt normal play.
  8. For those looking for "generic" Shadespire sleeves, I'd say the Sepulchral Guard sleeves are generic enough with the warband icon being a skull... That's what I went with, anyway, even though they're far more expansive than other brand sleeves.
  9. Hopefully they have, but I have on my end started work on a "Player's edition" of the rulebook and cards, that I hope I can eventually send them as a commentary on how to improve their rules/wording. This is one such example, where a simple rule (Steadfast would be a nice name, btw) explained in the rulebook could be applied in multiple locations, instead of relying on inconsistent wording...
  10. Way I read it, one is never driven back whereas the other is not driven back on a failed attack...
  11. and These are stunning! Makes me want to reconsider the scheme I had in mind for my Liberators!
  12. I was surprimsed myself at how useless it ends up being, truth be told, but then again chances *are* slim that it comes into play: Both players must roll Crits and roll just as many, and then the defender has to roll 1+ shield(s) out of the remaining dice. And even then, if the attacker didn't roll any regular successes, this only turns a Fail into a Fail+DriveBack, not yet enough to cause damage... So yeah, it ends up being a near useless ability when a Crit is required. However when it applies on every attack, it has quite a lot more impact, thankfully.
  13. So, I made the necessary changes to my spreadsheet. Here's a new example: 3 dice (Swords) vs 2 (Shields) w/o Cleave : 33.60% Critical success 9.12% Success 13.12% Fail with DriveBack 44.16% Fail 42.72% Total Success 57.28% Total Failure w/ Cleave on Crit 34.84% Critical success 9.12% Success 14.35% Fail with DriveBack 41.69% Fail 43.96% Total Success 56.04% Total Fail w/ Cleave 34.84% Critical success 19.61% Success 6.33% Fail with DriveBack 39.22% Fail 54.45% Total Success 45.55% Total Fail As can be seen, Cleave on Crit here barely changes anything, Total chances of success barely moving upwards by about 3%. On the other hand, Cleave improves our overall chances of success by 27%!
  14. One thing of note is that there's a huuuuge difference between Cleave and Cleave on a Crit.... Cleave on a Crit won't help you when you get a hit and your opponent rolls a shield, whereas Cleave will. It's easy to dismiss Cleave if the only instances you consider are those where you need a Crit for it to come up. I'll make some changes to my spreadsheet at some point today to highlight just how much of a difference there is between the two...
  15. So, in regards to Cleave, I decided (since I had some time to spare today at work), to make myself a spreadsheet so I could see just how usefull the ability can be, and found the ability to be mathematically significant most of the time. The sheet itself can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nV-p6mfJfTWV1qMa_0uUjzEhlDcYgDcUSj_jJzDU1kU/edit?usp=sharing * Just note that whenever a change is made, it takes a while for GDocs to recalculate the odds... You can download it as an Excel file if you prefer... * I've made a few tests and so far it seems my results are accurate, but if some don't seem to make any sense, let me know, I'll try to figure out what's wrong. For those interested in numbers, here are is an example. Rolling 3 dice, looking for Swords, against an opponent on Guard: Result w/o Cleave w/ Cleave Absolute Relative Crit Success 32.99% 34.22% +1.23% +3.74% Success 5.26% 13.90% +8.64% +164.30% Total 38.25% 48.12% +9.87% +25.82% Fail+DriveBack 13.27% 10.80% -2.47% -18.60% Fail 48.48% 41.08% -7.40% -15.28% Total 61.75% 51.88% -9.87% -15.99% As can be seen above, our chances of getting a success increase from 38% to 48, which is a net 25% increase in success rate...
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