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Mixed Order list help!


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Morning TGA fans. 

It's very cheeky but I need list advice!

Looking to run mixed order 2k matched play list, using Duardin, Fyreslayers and stormcast units. 

Any lists anyone has tried? Or wants to try? 

I want a sort of semi-competitive army not rock solid but not going to get face stomped every game.

any advice would be wonderful. 

Thought about this 

Thinking about palladors and vanguard hunters as well  


thanks guys and girls!



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I've limited know-how with duardin so take this with a pinch of salt! I am not sure of your synergies or plans for combos for instance.

So the general idea is a duardin gunline with gryph hounds against alpha strikes?

And then, is it Bugman and quarrellers together with the runesmiter and some fyreslayer units that allow setup anywhere on the board?

That would make sense in that you need to contest objectives.

I guess my feedback would be that with 2 gryph hounds you may be looking at a very compact line in order to get the coverage you need. Then when your units are deployed on objectives you can't possibly cover all areas with those 2 gryph hounds.

Once on objectives I think the units you have selected for that task will just melt?

Maybe by then you'll already have done some fine shooting.

I  think your main problem will be armies that shoot better than you (maybe), armies with good saves (SCE etc) and very fast armies (destruction).

So my thoughts are mainly:

The restrictions on your gunline deployment,

and then what to do to hold objectives instead of just snatch them for a turn or two.

Looks like a fun part oldschool list though.


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