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  1. Can I go on the reserves list please? John Masters. Thanks
  2. No worries. I'll grab you some tomorrow when I'm home.
  3. Evening all Looking to shift my excess Maggotkin of Nurgle bits. I've got Lord of affliction built and Undercoated Lord of Blights Undercoated Converted lord of Plagues undercoated Gutrot spume. Built Converted Harbinger of Decay Undercoated 3x 5 blightkings. 10 on sprue and 5 built and undercoated. 4x pusgoyle blightlords on sprue 60 plague monks. Built. Some undercoated Converted warshrine from a plague furnace. Glottkin undercoated and built. 3 plague drones. Built and undercoated. Looking for £160 plus postage. UK only please. Photos on request.
  4. It's all very in theme and tasteful haha. I just feel wrong painting it all African Savannah-esque and then painting all Caucasian flesh tones. Seems worse to do that than dark skinned. Thanks for the replies guys. Now onto the planning.
  5. Evening TGA. Been looking for a theme for my BCR and a few ideas have been put to me and one has really stuck. I would like to do an African Savannah themed BCR. Animal furs such as Zebras, giraffes, hyenas etc. Now for the ogor riders....I'd like to do dark skinned ogors to be accurate to theme. My girlfriend on hearing this said "are you sure this is ok?" Now I didn't think there was anything wrong with this. However it got me thinking, is it ok? Am I going to get backlash at events and on twitter? What's everyone's thoughts on this?
  6. You can have the huskard on thundertusk as your general and still take yhetees as battleline can't you? Meaning you still take a frostlord on stonehorn. Best of both worlds. Frostlord always on stonehorn.
  7. I've got all the savage orruks bits mate.
  8. Afternoon TGA!! Looking to sell my Gutbusters. I have the below built and painted. 18 bulls tyrant firebelly giant 12 ironguts(6 painted and 6 undercoated) 10 Sabre tusks converted butcher with cauldron Butcher 3 leadbelchers Looking for a quick sale so DM if you're interested. Photos on request.
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