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Kairic Acolytes unit size and composition question


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Hi all.

I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to jump into age of sigmar with disciples of tzeentch after weeks of contemplating factions.

I've picked up a box of Acolytes as I love the models and the theme. I'm aware they're probably a little over costed and I don't expect them to move worlds in game. Regardless, I was wondering how best to assemble them?

My instinct is to go for a unit of twenty for the bravery bonus. Am i right in this or would two smaller units be best for an extra adept shot and more activations? 

Also, aside from the max number of Glaives I would assume that only one vulcharch and one scroll would be necessary even in a group of twenty?

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm very experienced in wargames but I'm aware that as I haven't played a game yet there's probably a lot I'm missing.



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Haven't played around with acolytes myself, as they're a bit overshadowed by all the other goodness in the Tzeentch book. Absolutely love the models though, and would really like to field them.

I'm thinking they could possibly be more effective in multiple smaller units? Especially if you're running them in the Pyrofane Cult. In units of ten you could more easily split them onto different objectives and/or use one unit as chaff. 

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