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I am pretty pleased that the Ironjawz are the first released faction that can reliably beat Nagash in every game. How you ask?

Well simple, the obvious advantage is Gordrakk. He is a hero and wizard killer at its finest. Moves fast, charges far, attacks many times with Mortal wounds. Unfortunately, he alone isn't reliably strong enough to take out Nagash. You basically get one turn to kill this God of death before he self heals and instant kills whatever is near him. The real secret of the Ironjawz is their new formation. The Weirdnob's fist formation. The Weirdnob shaman is ridiculously powerful. It gets the foot of gork spell, which has a casting value of 10, range of 18'' and does D6 mortal wounds. Then on a roll of 4 or more, it does D6 more mortal wounds to the same unit. This repeats infinitely until 4 is failed to reach or the unit dies. Normally no one has a chance in heck to cast a spell near Nagash with his unbinding godliness. However in the new formation, which requires a Weirdnob and 3-5 Ironjawz units of any kind. For each unit near a Weirdnob he rolls a dice when casting a spell. On a 1, 2, 3 the spell increases in RANGE by 6'' and for every 4, 5, 6 it does an additional mortal wound for every foot of gork that lands, including the additional ones from a 4+. Now if you are fighting Nagash, the death user is overconfident because Nagash never loses. Summoning is usually limited. I use www.ageofbalance.com which requires a player to pay for summons. Rumors say even with the point systems being added soon you will have to pay full for summons, making summon similar to Deep Strike reserves in 40k. So... here's how you bring the beast down. Spend turn one moving the Weirdnob and Godrakk closer. Then when Godrakk is at around 20'' pop his command ability on himself giving him plenty of extra attacks and unload your Weirdnob. On optimal conditions, the Weirdnob will get +6'' making his range extend past Nagash's unbinding. Then +4 mortal wounds. This is D6+4 mortal wounds for every 4+ you roll. Nagash does have a 4+ vulnerable save, but then Godrakk charges with his HERO and WIZARD killing weapons, high rend, mortal wounds and your chances of taking him down in one round is high. Once Nagash falls, the rest of the army should pose no threat since Nagash is a bucket of points. 

I have yet to lose to a single Nagash yet, all thanks to Ironjawz. 

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Nagash is a beast, even if you limit his summoning he still has the dust attack to instant kill anyone in melee range and remarkable self healing. You basically only get 1 turn to kill him. Just remind your opponent his 4+ save is only for mortal wounds, not for wounds that beat his likely 1+ save. 

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I was bored so I tired it out...

1 Orruk Warboss with Waaagh! Banner
1 Warchanter
Gordrakk at full wound and apply his command ability on himself
Nagash at full wound with 1x Mystic Shield

I killed Nagash 2 out of 3 attempts on a charge.
That one instance have Nagash surviving with 2 wounds.

So the most important thing is to charge him. Why would him come so near to the front? Nagash will hide at the back normally.
Very hard to pull of IMO.
But Gordrakk is seriously a beast! Plus he is not even a God! Just imagine Gork/Mork/GorkaMorka gets a model.. LOL..

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