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  1. There are a lot of started WiPs in my Gloomspite collection and I will share them in near future, but now it is time for some RED hues in the range. (This time pics done with a phone - so much worse quality) Da Squigalanche!!! It is not technically the Battalion itself but the whole lot of squigs that have been waiting in the painting line for quite some time. I knew it is a quite an easy scheme to paint them all red and I never imagined them in any other color. I have always loved they basic look and decided to go for it. So you already saw my Squig Gobba and Gobbla, and probably some lesser squigs in my Bonesplitterz army (check out in my signature if you haven't). I decided to go at once to all the ones that I already had before Gloomspite book was released. - Collosal Squig - Warboss on Gigantic Squig (FW one) - 20 old metal/resin squigs (3 of them from my original collection from 94!!!) - additional 5 Kromlech squigs (probably I will convert them to Squig hoppers as I have a lot of loose old fanatics lying around) - a little bonus (The chase - classic squig filler OOP) 5 minutes later it got it's proper colors. So squigs are ready for painting, but I decided to be ready when the book will arrive and to start playing them right away so I needed bases. Lot of bases. And I was looking for an easy scheme to build them. Stalagmites came to my mind. And how to do them? Was pretty easy. I decided to follow the nature and make the real ones I bought some cheap acrylic filler in a DIY store, mixed it a little with water, put on the bases, and "pulled" the stalagmites with a toothstick. And then glued them to the box upside down to leave it for the night for gravity to do the rest of the job... piece of cake. I also made some ponds inspired by Zorbag's Gits bases. These are the test bases to look for best consistency of the filler. And the mass production with some Stabbas that sticked to part of the square bases and had to be rebased together. Added some mushrooms, skulls and stalagmites from some basing set. And in no time was ready for primer and drybrushing. This is not the final effect as I was in a rush to rebase... ~70 minis to play a game a night before Gloomspite dropped... And unfortunately my opponent couldn't make it so this is more or less how they look now. Based, primed. Ready for painting!
  2. Well, I am not at all into 40K but seems like there is some focus on Orks lately with Speed Freaks and new units (bikes or something). Usually when there are some cross system units like Chaos minis (Wrath and Rapture) they appear for both systems. Could be that they redesign the sculpt and release the whole Orruk, grots theme around some kind of mechanized units. Who doesn't love a pump wagon? Imagine those crazy machines with both races in AoS. Who cares about Grot sky pirates if it can be a Whole Waaagh of scrap catapults, doom diver tanks and so on. Live the sky for stunties, shoot them down and give a proppa beatin'! Besides Warhammer Orcs were inspiration for Warcraft ones so if I were in charge of that I would like to keep the kind of GW trademark of green orc in it's hooligan shape. This is something extraordinary ...and stays in 40K.
  3. I would change the order but love the combo : after someone casts Cogs on her and she slows down time, someone else (or Skragrott as you mentioned) teleports her to position with HoG, and than everything you mentioned follows. BUT when she casts Archcauldron in position she is able to charge 60mm closer as she and Archcauldron are treated as one model. It doesn't add much but at least you attack first.
  4. @Malakree I thought it refers to the ones that ALWAYS fail, like 1s always fail normally ,regardless of modifiers. Here also 2s fail. So even if a unit has a 2+ to hit sorry it is a Miss. Or am I missing something
  5. So to finish this weeks spam with all my achievements before Gloomspite I present to you: The Alleguzler Giant and his convict mate. Both done in the same vibe like my Jailbreakaz.: Giant was done in the beginning of AoS so he was on "random" size oval base. I quite like it and I am not planning to play the Giant anytime soon so he will stay at his "illegal" base. Next are My Fellwater Troggoths. I was testing on them my first attempts of water bases. Now I would try something different but the effect was not too bad: Now I have 12 more to go... and Hag to finish one day. And my favourite model, which I played during good and bad times of it's warscroll (most of it were terrible). The best rules it had were in 8th edition. I played only one game with those rules and Squig Gobba was fun like never! Ladies and Gentle man the infamous Squig Gobba the Mighty Destroyer! And finally some small bonuses. My shamans and some more fanatics.: The last one was cool as he could get the wolf for free. Played him a lot in the AoS 1 times. And finally some of the shots from actual games I played with this bunch. This is it for now. I think I am done with the -pre-Gloomspite Moonclan. Next posts will be from my actual work, so: - rebasing - WiPs of the rest of ...60 Jailbreakaz - SQUIGS... lots of SQUIGS! Enjoy!
  6. Webspinner shaman seems autoinclude for 80pts with his Curse of da Spider God. Can really mess up things.
  7. I haven't seen this set before: Until it is no longer available. How could I miss it... It was called Greenskinz Army, but consosted of Start Collecting Greenskinz + 20 Moonclan and 3 fanatics
  8. Time for some finished models: The whole stabba team, "Da Jailbreakaz" - 40 Stabba gitz: And these ones made still in the time of Old World... And some group shots on my board: Next time: Shamans, Gobba, Giant Trolls. Everything on round bases finally from the AoS times.
  9. Could anyone check if Fellwater heads fit Dankhold? I am not sure if I like the new trolls' heads. If it could be swapped would fit my 15 Fellwaters + Hag army
  10. The pics from previous post are from 2014... so as you may assume there is a lot more coming. A lot of good stuff. Now time for some early WiPs... still in the Old World. The most iconic Night Goblin I wanted to get was the "flocking bird" one. I dug through all the eBays in Europe to get it.. and got some more. Apart from working on my core unit of Night Goblins I was working on unit fillers: I loved the "Animosity Orcs and Goblins" sculpt for the unit filler and decided to do my own: And that is my version: And the original (pic done later with different camera): And finally my fanatics filler: This is 2015. AoS already dropped and I am finishing my first unit... plus some more!
  11. Night goblins... This blog was waiting for quite some time(as had my army of Night Goblins on the shelf). I used to have the 4th ed WFB set + pack of night gobbos back i n the days but sold almost everything in the 90s. Fortunately my mother saved couple of units as a memory of my early teenager-hood hobby. 20 years later( more or less) when End Times dropped on WFB I decided to come back to the hobby. And this is what I found in my mother basement: When I saw my old Night Goblins I decided to get back to painting and maybe wargaming too. That were the End Times in the Old World. I loved that fluff and still remembered all the O&G timeline and stories so decided to create my own background for my army. And buy back all I have sold before... And more... Literally buy EVERYTHING night gobbo related! I don't want even to think of the amount of money I have spent on eBay, ForgeWorld, GW products, Gamezone etc. Everything in pointy hoods I was buying like crazy. And at the same time started creating fluffy background for my army. I decided to create unique backstory and look of the army and than paint it to the highest level possible for me to have a real collection not to be sold again. DA FLUFF: I decided to continue the story of Grom Da Paunch after his defeat. To make the long story short (as this is the World that Was...)- after being defeated in Ulthuan, Grom got captured by Dark Elves and became a prisoner in the mines in Naggaroth. As a born leader he started an uprising with other gobbo prisoners. Thanks to the ancient dance like martial arts invented by NG prisoners - Da Gobboeira - a dance with a chain ball - they managed to escape the dark elves prison, gathered all former captives and formed a great Waaaagh! of toughest survivors on the continent. DA JAILBREAKAZ! As an inspiration for the look of my army I took the poster from "Brother where are thou" by Coen Brothers: And this is how the "jail" motive started: And this was my Skarsnik: (I don't remember how he got to Naggaroth but there was some fluff behind that): It took me longer time to finish my project than the End Times. It was even longer than that... Because I wanted to paint every mini like a character model it took me even couple of years after AoS started to finish the core of my army. But now when the Gloomspite Gitz book arrived. I started rebasing, and finishing my main army. And redesigning the fluff. Stay tuned. The pictures here are from 2014-15 and a lot more to come. A LOT.
  12. Thanks. I am ignorant when comes to GHB- stopped buying it after 2017. I thought that if something is in the core shouldn't be nullified by GHB (At least in AoS2). GHB1 used to be patch for AoS1. I thought times have changed. Thanks for claryfiing. Another thing came to my mind: Bad Moon Loonshrine lets us reinforce destroyed MCG unit "at the end of EACH of your turns". Does it mean that if they get annihilated on turn 2, I can try to summon them at the end of turn 2 and if I fail 4+, try again at the end of turn 3 and so on until I have a success?
  13. Time for last update for this thread... it has been some time. I managed to 90% finish my Warboss, just days before my son was born. Now there is a new Warboss (Loonboss? or Snotboss?) in da house so I have limited time for developing my Waaaaagh! Haven't played a game and finished a single miniature for couple of months. But the young one is pretty good at practicing his "Waaaagh!" shouting on daily basis. He is going to be a proppa boss in couple of years Now the time to reveal finished (in 90%) Gorbash Da Biggest and Da Baddest: Still needs some blood and work on the base, but that will happen in the future when I will come back to the big brothers. Now Wayang Topeng goes to the shelf for some well earned battle brew hollidays and it is time for... Gloomspite!!!
  14. Holy Gork! It was a not a piece of squigcake to get through all that 70 pages... But anyway I got some nice ideas from you guys, for some tricks and developing my Moonclan army to a Gloomspite horde. Someone posted before that it is not possible to change the general after the first one dies. It is possible - it is in the core rules. Any way time for my excitment: I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BATTLETOME 24 YEARS!!! Night goblins didn't get so much love since the 90s and I am super happy with the book. I hope some novels will follow and Skragrott will get some eternal love like Skarsnik did. Or maybe it will be the tale of Overbounder. This has been my number one army since I played WFB for the first time in 94-95. I decided to comeback to the hobby more or less during the End Times. I tried to play Moonclan only when AoS dropped but painting hundreds of gitz takes ages. I took a break when Bonesplitterz arrived because the fluff was like from the 90s. Now the Moon shines on da gitz again and it is time to finish the project!
  15. I don’t know the name in english but this is the acrylic stuff you use to cover holes in walls etc. Water it down and that’s it. Cheapest stuff for bases you will ever get. I used it a lot for scenery.
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