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  1. meet.the.doctor

    Wayang Topeng Warclan - „I am Da Biggest and Da Baddest”

    I tested my Warboss on Boar with Banner on a small local tournament - 1500 pts. Didn’t win much but added 2 Korgoraths and GUO to my Monster Trophies. Da Boss shined on the tournament so he made it to the painting table. Morboyz even with Waaagh! won’t do miracles. Combo - Waaagh! + Banner + BigBoss + 2xStabbas killed GUO in 1 round. Good punch with decent rend. Next time will add a better weapon for Big Boss and bigger unit of Stabbas. Still WiP but getting closer: and Stabbas: Warboss got his name finally as he reminds me the Warboss from Warhammer Mark of Chaos: Battle March - GORBASH!! (Yes, I am still playing that 2006 game;) ) ”I am da biggest and da baddest!”
  2. meet.the.doctor

    Wayang Topeng Warclan - „I am Da Biggest and Da Baddest”

    It has been a while since last update, so just briefly with some pictures from the phone. This year I was quite busy and had only ONE AoS game with my Boniez... which fortunatelly I won! This was one of Malign Portents matched play scenarios and I was testing Warboss on Wyvern and unit of 4 Stabbas. Both won me the game so they made it imidiatelly to the painting table So I decided to start finishing Bonesplitterz army before new Moonclan arrives (my main army since forever). Not having too much time for hobby (couple hours a month) it is quite tricky and the project is still big. Right now I am working on: 20 more Arrow Boyz 20 Morboyz 4 Stabbas Warboss on Wyvern Warboss on Boar Wardokk A unit of 4 Big Stabbas: Comparing to my regular boyz they are BIG! Shield boys are the skinny ones from 80s-90s on 25 mm bases (illegal now), so Stabbas next to them really stand out. 2 of them are regular ones, but the other 2 I had to kit bash. I used Giant’s club for one stabba, and another club for the other pair of Stabba boyz. The only finished one in this pair is holding a giants head which they tore apart from the body! Morboyz are also more bulky than shieldboyz - I have chosen the 6th ed metals + recent plastics as they seem most savage and tough - exactly as our main foot troops. Because of limited time I started practicing airbrush, otherwise it would take ages. Well anyway it takes ages... I am still on the base color stage. There is also another 20 of Arrowboyz. Along with my already do e 20 they used to be one unit of 40 boyz... back in 2016 - the year of Destruction Glory. and finally my Command Group! Both Warbosses were waiting far too long to use their abilities in Bonesplitterz army. This one I had started juzt when the rumours about allies fir GHB17 were revealed. And dropped the project on the day when I got the book and realised that allies cannot use Command abbilities... well now they can! my Warboss on Boar WITH Banner. Banner is from my almost finished FW standard bearer, boar and body from Gorbad and the head from a Raging Heroes Warboss. One of my favourite minis in my army! and finally my Warboss on Wyvern. I will write in more detail about him one day but here is a teaser: old Wurrzag who replaced his boar for Wyvern. Corresponds to the first art that showed Bonesplitterz on Wyverns... update about him hopefully soon!
  3. meet.the.doctor

    AoS 2 - Troggoth Discussion

    One funny thing I have noticed is that only Fellwater Ts are on 50mm base now. Both Rockgut and Sourbreath are on 40mm. Anyone plays the Too Dumb to Die boys? is this advantage or disadvantage? What do you think?
  4. meet.the.doctor

    Uses for the Squig Gobba?

    I just wanted to resurrect this topic to pay tribute to the most awesome model in moonclan range! The Almighty Squig Gobba the Eater of Worlds is coming back after 2 years of humiliation! Hopefully whole Destruction will follow. WAAAAAAGH!!!
  5. meet.the.doctor

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Shouldn't they be setup within 1" of a unit? 32mm is more than 25,4mm. Or they are not wholly within..
  6. meet.the.doctor

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Unfortunatelly we cannot ally with Gitmib Grots.
  7. meet.the.doctor

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I totally understand the love for NGs. As you can see in my Avatar it is my main army, but It has to wait in line for propper battletome. if you plan on playing the you can always make the second unit another Arrow Boyz (eg.10) and a separate unit of 30 Morboyz. This is a ranged weapons game now...
  8. meet.the.doctor

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    From my experience regular chompa (stone choppas became chompas now) or spear with shield doesn't give you any benefit. The saves in combat phase pay little role if you have it 5+ and most armies have rends. Solid 6+ in Bonesplitterz allegiance is enough anyway, so changing the shield for anoteher meleee attack is a huge benefit. Besides the shield works only in combat phase and most of the armies have range threat. So if you want melee - choose Morboyz - dual chompa boyz (in plastic version second chompa became shiv). And if you are plastic start from Big Stabbas. They are cheap. They are tough. They are our best unit. Great fun to play them. 4 or 6 is a must! And they look cool in units!
  9. meet.the.doctor

    Wayang Topeng Warclan - „I am Da Biggest and Da Baddest”

    This is Mini Monsters - www.minimonsters.eu . I found it here thanks to Chris Tomlin and realised later that this is a brand from my country there is much love for the greenskinz in Poland!
  10. meet.the.doctor

    Wayang Topeng Warclan - „I am Da Biggest and Da Baddest”

    Another update: This time back to the origins and core of my army: The regular shield Boyz!!! They appeared since the beginning as the core of Kunnin and Brutal Rukks in my army. Always stood ground with their shields... but never killed a snotling even.... My idea was to collect most of Savage Orcs aka Bonesplitterz ever released. And the weakest ones were to represent the weakest units. This is why 80s and 90s boys were chosen for regular shield boyz. Arrer boyz may be exception, as they are absolute core of Bonesplitterz, but they also fit my idea - before you become a real Moreboy or Maniak killer you need to stand behind the lines either with a bow or be a cannon fodder with shield in front. Apart from great appearance (classic sculpts) back from the 80s and 90s they never brought much value to my Warclan. The idea for them was to put them on 25mm bases as they are rather small miniatures and seamed to look good on small bases. And when I realized how crappy they are I was happy with that decision. My Moonclan grots can do better than these guys so I don't regret putting them on "illegal" bases. Despite taking part in most of my games (they were the cheapest ****** battleline in Destruction back in GHB16 days - or at least from my collection) they are on retirement now, standing proud on the shelf with Armies on Parade Badge. Collecting dust They were the first ones I found on eBay and painted. I tested on them 2 types of skintones (maybe the diffrence is not too much visible here) - as I wrote in previous post I tried to make them "dark green skinz". I divided them into 2 units: Da Skin Reaper Boyz: Mainly 90s Savage Orcs, but by accident I bought 3 Harlequin metals (or was cheated on eBay), but they fit the group. There are 2 boyz from earlier editions I think (80s perhaps). All of the boyz in this unit are in leather so it is easier to recognize them on the board. A little warmer skintone also, but even I don't notice it on the board Da Nude Boyz: Hahaha. Boyz in tongz. Poor ****** have even less clothes than the other unit but at least one of them got the AoP badge glued instead of shield finally. At least 4 of these guys are almost as old as me These ones I mean. I was thinking to but some more from the old school range, but since I decided to play them as the weakest shield savages it makes not much sense since I have a loooooot more to paint. Next time - some of Da Great Bosses will apear. And maybe some fluffy background.
  11. meet.the.doctor

    Want to start Fimir - What is there?

    Currently there is only one warscroll with 2 weapon options. And 4 models - 3 regular Fimirs and one champion - Fimirach Noble. But all of them use the same warscroll for the unit. There are new models coming but no one knows when
  12. meet.the.doctor

    Is the 'Bad Moon' Lunaghast?

    This is interesting interpretation, though without eating some deathcap it is hard to tell The story was a proppa gobbo one, finaly we are getting (a tiny) piece of the cake. Maybe soon some more background for Moonbrothers.
  13. meet.the.doctor

    What could the next faction be?

    No, please! Keep that fishmen joke away from Destruction. Ghur humans could work, but barbarian theme is already taken by Dracothians unfortunately.
  14. meet.the.doctor

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Yes, this one doesn’t use Bonesplitterz keyword. Makes an opponent re-roll 6s for hit against chosen target. I have never used it until including allies.
  15. meet.the.doctor

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    If you mean this - it was just built for the picture As PlasticCraic mentioned mainly for Duality, and durability. You cannot have another ally that can: - fly - re-roll saves - save on 3+ (with mystic shield), or maybe the Hag.. - potential mortal wound in the army that lacks it you can slso cast Kunnin Beast Spirit on an ally outside of Bonies. It also improves durability. The Wyvern has 4 purposes: - distraction - potential threat to snipers - getting to objectives fast - die to boost the morboys in the end