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  1. This is really cool! You added in the rules for the explosive ending?
  2. Skitterleap can only target models with Hero keyword. Verminlord Deceiver one is better, just 6" away from enemy. What we should be really worried about that is the Deceiver Skitterleaping a Corruptor or Lord Skreech next to a Gnawhole that is place in our deployment area in the hero phase. Or both. With +1 casting, Corruptor will delete horde. Lord Skreech will have +2 to casting, and can summon rats into our deployment area after killing our troops. Next they can drop the Warp Lightning Vortex for a kickass. THEN in the movement phase they can teleport away to another Gnawhole, while the Vortex kill even more stuffs.
  3. Cloak vs Amulet? I say depending on your army. If pure Beastclaw? Take Amulet, because your army really don't have much point left to get large block of unit to tank objectives. Heal with 2 Huskard on Thundertusk and your game will be more fun! If mixed Destruction? Cloak so that you can fly over your Grots units and surprise your opponent. Best paired with Moonclan Grot with Fanatics to give your opponent a hard time.
  4. Not like you can control/predict the dice roll. This Everwinters' Blessing is just too random to be useful, take it as a bonus if anyone wish to go Beastclaw. But to plan your entire game plan around it? No, sounds like a bad idea. Can if you are a causal player and would like an army that looks good and cool. However lets just wait for the Beastclaw Raider & Ironjawz Battletomes this year before your Braggoth makes both Gruntas and Mournfang much better, however the current meta is evolving into something quite different. Any army with -1/-2 to hit will just cripple your army. Read many reports that says the Gruntas out-performed the Mournfang.
  5. So have I 😎. But they can only use it once per unit of Snufflers.. Having 4 units of Snufflers can really do a very deadly combo.. A block of 60 stabbas can take a 6d6 mortal for a +4 to their attacks. That's gonna be 63 attacks just from the netters. The trick here is to get those 60 stabbas within 12".
  6. Your list seems to be very deadly! If you want to make it fightier you can swap one of the Squigs Herd for Snufflers. Their ability to plus 1 attacks can be awesome, given to your small unit of Squigs or Mangler or Bounderz! Plus the models look great! Plus you can put fanatics in them, to the surprise of your enemy who thought it was in your stabbas!!!! Hand of Gork those Snufflers and your enemy might just think that you wanna use their special ability. Then unleash your fanatics!!
  7. Seems legal. Situational and really powerful when you can do it. However depending on the bad moon is a bad idea.
  8. Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzLeadersLoonboss (70)- General- Trait: Tough 'n' Leathery Madcap Shaman (80)- Artefact: Moonface Mommet - Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy NuisanceBattleline6 x Squig Herd (70)20 x Stabbas (130)- Stabbas & Moon Shields- 3x Barbed Nets- 1x Badmoon Icon BearersUnits5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140)BehemothsMangler Squigs (240)Mangler Squigs (240)Endless SpellsScuttletide (30)Total: 1000 Wounds: 70
  9. However you have to read the wording carefully. The distinctive difference is "reroll failed saves" or "reroll saves". Rend is useful against those that reroll failed saves, because you don't apply the rend first. Those that can reroll their saves can choose to reroll those that passed but will fail after the rend kicks in.
  10. I honestly don't even consider this list unbeatable. This list have a 80% chance of destroying it(unless you are a god of rolling ones) Allegiance: DestructionMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (420)- General- Trait: Ravager- Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Huskard on Thundertusk (360) - Blood VultureBattleline20 x Stabbas (130)- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields20 x Gitmob Grots (100)- Spears & ShieldsWar MachinesGrot Spear Chukka (120)Grot Spear Chukka (120)Total: 1250 / 1250Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 79 You are definitely dropping less for deployment, and you are definitely deadlier if you go second. Your opponent have nothing that can survive a Stornhorn's charge. Given that it can fly for a 16" move, can run and charge.. nothing is safe.. Your Thundertusk will just murder them. 7 mortal wounds that can't be debuffed is really good. The spear chukkas will murder those heroes with the rerollable hits and +1 to hit against heroes. The 2x 20 Grots will cover an area so great they can forget about teleporting near your monster or war machines. Just tell me how they can win your list. In hero based objectives battleplan you can run up your grots to screen your Thundertusk and counter charge those artillery pieces when they drop with your flying Stornhorn. For normal objectives based on numbers of models you are at an advantage. Stormcast don't have advantage against destruction. Returning models? Just delete them again. Heal up your Frostlord on Stornhorn and repeat. Unless you are a god at rolling 1s, you will not lose.
  11. After studying the book I find that the real star of Gloomspite Gitz is the Loonsmasha Fanatics. Taking 15 at 420 points might seem crazy. But at a 1000 point games it's extremely deadly. In 2000 points game? I think it is really ridiculously effective and good. 15 D6 attacks is average 40-50 attacks. So far the best I ever rolled was 69 attacks. It is a ridiculous amount of damage with that rend -2 and D3 damage, I was easily doing 20-30 wounds. Plus even if the enemy survive that you will get to pick to have a unit to combat first. After that I even got the 7 surviving Fanatics to charge another unit! Well just my review of the new rules for Fanatics. Absolutely love them.
  12. Charging with a "fight another day" trait General shall allow you to avoid retaliation... if you roll high enough... Now imagine rolling a 2.. 🤣😅 Actually after you cast "itchy nuisance" on that unit, any unit that charged it can attack first without retaliation! Remember that after you charged successfully, those units can still move 3" toward the closest enemy unit, even if the unit you charge is destroyed!!
  13. I dunno. Somehow I think they are not game breaking. Their mortal wounding ability mirror the Evocators. The Stormcast Evocators are in unit of 5 model, 3 wounds each with 4+ save and bravery 8. They have good solid attacks and incredible damage. They are 200pts. A unit of 10 Bounders is 200pts and mirror the mortal wound output.. however with it's low bravery 5 it's kind of weak. Killing one can make you lose more, very easily. The Evocators Riders are 300pts for 3. I really don't wish for them to make it bad.
  14. I was thinking about magic and realize that the Gloomspite Gitz have the most amazing Anti Magic ability ever. A Madcap Shaman with a Staff of Sneaky Stealin'!!!! Hand of Gork this Shaman to the back of your opponent line where their Wizards and Heroes are! You will average out a min of +2 to the casting and unbinding! Against some army you can even get a +4 or +5!!! Cast the endless spell "Malevolent Moon" and fly it to the most important caster of the army for a -2 to casting! Cripple that Lord of Change, Nagash, Alarielle or any other Wizard! Well there are those pesky auto-unbind units that can cripple your plans completely... And those list with no wizards at all.. With all these in mind I tried to make a list.. But it is a 6 drop army, wondering should I go more spiders and take out the 20 Grots for objective holding.
  15. The Bad Moon spoke to me, he told me that Scuttletide at 30 points should be an auto include. Huge area denial. Next he whispered to convince everyone here that the Mork Mighty Mushroom should be an Auto include. Huge area denial. Play mind games with your opponents.
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