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Witch Hunter


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I'd say the reason GW didn't add a Witch Hunter in is because the model isn't a plastic clam pack one...that's the trend they've followed thus far! I do agree though, a Freeguild Witch Hunter seems a perfect fit for the seedy back alleys and catacombs of Hammerhal.

As for your rules, they seem pretty characterful. Main suggestion is to clarify the Renown rule when you specify Daemons and Spellcasters - whilst in AoS it is a keyword, in WHQ "Daemon" and "Spellcaster" aren't specified labels. Of course I understand what you mean, but RAW and all that. ;)


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Yeah I used him a few times, he's pretty run of the mill, but is a big help if you're playing a pick up game where you can't guarentee what anyone else will bring.

The Healing Poultices are moderately useful, but don't compare to say, a Slaughter Priest or Knight-Castallan.

The Alchemical mastery however, is very potent, going up to 3 damage in melee or 2 damage at range, is usually worth suffering the Stun, particularly if you can pick up an item to help reduce the effectiveness of the stun.

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