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Pile in



Is there a minimum amount of gap required for models (the Base to Base rule is applied) to pile in ? 

I've been playing it so as long as you leave a gap between your bases and your opponents base you can pile in and around.

I watched the youtube video and he says he left a half inch gap, is that what he decided to leave or is that the norm

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The only 'rule' on this is that models in physical contact cannot move.
GW's stance has shifted from "ignore bases" to a surreptitious "well, bases are attached to the model, so they're kinda part of the model", so read base-to-base as 'locked'.

I think the half-inch thing is more for obvious convenience/signalling to opponent without needing discussion.

If you're happy to have "I know he looks like he's in B2B but it's the only place he could fit and he's actually not quite in contact so he can pile-in again next turn, yes?" discussions, it's not necessary.

It's possibly also a time-saving measure. Models have to wind up closer to closest. Sod's law says at some point you'll wind up playing with the guy who pulls the "But half a millimetre is still less than a millimetre!" ******.

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3 minutes ago, Arkiham said:

Tbh my opponent did say he'd just place all his models .1 if a millimeter away the moment I started explaining this. 

So, as long as the bases aren't touching it's fair game.

Against that opponent it sounds like until he explicitly says there's base contact there isn't. But I'm quite liberal about how my opponent wants to play this myself.

What I would do, is specifically and clearly pin HIS models with your own during pile in. So you user your models to lock his down.

He's saying he's in control of the distances and can decide what they are so you can play that game back I guess.

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For what it's worth, I think I'm going to suggest that my play group should not bother with the whole "base-to-base can't pile in further" thing. Yes, rules as written (and as FAQ'd) makes it a real thing, but it's more intuitive to say that this model would pile in further for his buddies to get in, not just stop as soon as he can swing his axe.

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