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Huskard or Frostlord


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Hey everyone

Have to play a serie of game soon as a pure Beastclaw Raider.

Let's forget for a moment how bad some units in the codex are and let's consider my two options.

I basically have the choice between two setups as the core of my 2K army : 

Stonelord + Stonehorn Beastraider + 4 and 2 Mournfangs


StoneHuskard + StonehornBR + 4 and 2 mournfangs AS an Eurlbad bataillon


I will use the destruction Alleigeance with battlebrew and Bellowing Tyran

Basically this is more or less the same with some degree of diversity. The Stonelord is obviously far more resistant than the huskard and the huskard setup is more punchy with +1 dammage and the  6to wounds = mortal wounds on everything. 

Basically this is a choice i see myself doing, between having a more tanky lord or a more punchy one with the other 3 units occasionnaly doing some mortal wounds. The bataillon also gives me another battlebrew for another hero.

The true différence lies between the "command' of both heroes and i cannot figure what is the one to favour.

-Rerolling charges from the StoneLord?

-Having a unit of 4 Mournfang striking at the same initiative order as the Huskard. 

The last one gives me some trouble and i can't evaluate it, even if it is probably situationnal, it means that you have 800 points striking at the same moment in the combat phase.

Has anyone an idea or see something i miss? What would you choose? (other than not playing Mournfang cavalry)


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I'd go the frostlord...simply because with battlebrew his 4 attacks 2s by 2s with a point of rend and 3 damage is just massive...units just explode. ven with the eurlbad battalion mournfangs dont put out a ton of damage for their points cost... therefore, I say option 1.

For the record I run a double frostlord list, one on stonehorn with Battlebrew and one on a thundertusk as my general, then there is a Tuskard, 6 units of yhetees and 2 puppy dogs just cos i had 60 points left.

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Whilst allowing the mournfang to pile in straight after the Stonehuskard is a really nice ability, you may find that the mournfang struggle to keep up with the Stonehorn - thanks to its high move + run and charge.


The Frostlord on Stonehorn (with battlebrew) is an absolute monster - it will simply delete units thanks to its ridiculous combination of high number of attacks, low hit / wound roll, good rend, and high damage. The better armour save also makes him super hard to kill.


Though I havent (cant be bothered) to do the maths - I think you get more damage out of the frost spear, than you would out of additional mortal wounds from the battalion.

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37 minutes ago, Caffran101 said:

I think you get more damage out of the frost spear, than you would out of additional mortal wounds from the battalion.

It is the acumulation of :

-+1 dammage on every weapons of the Huskard and his mount

-battle brew

-Mortal wounds on 5+ to wound (and 4+ with two swig)

That makes him more murderous than the Frostlord.

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if you are going with that set up I would choose the Eurlbad huskard, but give him Might is Right rather than bellowing tyrant. means he is hitting & wounding on 2s, doing mortal wounds on 4s (or 3s if he double swigs). I had pretty good results at the two tournaments I took the Eurlbad to. 

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