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Nurgle 4k.


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Having a battle next Wednesday against a forced of 2k dispossessed and 2k stormcast. 

Gave them the option of what to fight and nurgle was chosen. 

So here's my list.

Plaguetouched warband.

Glottkin - general 




Chaos Sorceror Lord of Nurgle on Mount. 


14 blightkings.

28 chaos warriors of nurgle.

10 marauders of nurgle.

30 plaguebearers.

2 plagueclaw catapults.

10 chaos knights of Nurgle.

9 Nurglings.


Deployment space might be an issue, as will bottle necking, but with my ranged artillery maybe less of an issue 

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With archaon in the last you need to stack heroes with command abilities, and that only goes so far without multiples of the same lord, while good I didn't think I had the space tbh. 

Orghotts, meh, with epi I'm rerolling 1 to hit and 1 to wound army wide on the first turn with luck it'll only gain me a additional 16% chance, I chose morbidex for his reps awning Nurglings,  and bloab for his spell and -1 to hit chance.

Glottkin will be a target,  and when he dies the rest of my army will still function well enough,  if archaon was there and I built my list around him, once he died it's pretty much game over.

Festus is in there for the d3 heal on glottkin,  hes going to be hidden behind him and just allow a potential d6 heal per turn 

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Orghotts will be ok only if archaon is in the list, otherwise at 4k points he lacks too much power. 

Do you both play only 3 battlelines at 4k? Wouldn't be 6 normally?

And what about plague monks? They seem a pretty good hammer (at least until someone shoots at them), buffed by glottkins and (maybe) flying with sayl across the battlefield to kill those pesky leaders. However i strongly suggest you to play sayl, it gives you so much needed mobility

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Tbh, I didn't realise that. It's more for fun than anything competitive as we're all free that day and 1 big game is easier than 3 2k games.


An I try keep my lists God specific, rather than just pick an choose the bestest best units. I don't do "try hard" I try build fun lists to play,  and play against.

This is more of a narrative thing i have, as i disagree with the lists that just have anything,  khorne troops lead by a Lord of change with nurgle blah blah blah, they'd rather see each other fail than that God succeed so I like to build my lists accordingly. 

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well i made some alterations. 

Unit name Minumum Models in unit Cost Number of units Unit cost Models Total
Glottkin 1 480 1 480 1 3520
Plaguetouched warband 140 0 3380
Blightkings 5 180 3 540 14 2840
Bloab rotspawned 1 260 1 260 1 2580
Festus the Leechlord 1 120 1 120 1 2460
Chaos warriors 10 180 3 540 28 1920
Plagueclaw catapult 1 180 2 360 2 1560
Chaos marauders 10 60 3 180 21 1380
Epidemus 1 180 1 180 1 1200
plaguebearers 10 100 3 300 30 900
chaos sorcerer on mount 1 140 1 140 1 760
Chaos knights 5 200 2 400 10 360
Chaos warriors 10 180 2 360 20 0
Remaining points           0


ive had to remove morbidex and the nurglings, and i replaced them with 2 more units of marauders. so I've 3 units of 21 ( as thats all i have ) 

is it right for me to remove morbidex or should i remove the knights? 


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Basically you are paying 60 points for a single marauder since 28 costs the same amount

Imho knights are not that great, they are tanky units, but as nurgle u don't want a mobile anvil, you want a mobile hammer. 

That being said with knights points what can you fit in that is more effective in terms of damage? Think about soulgrinder (which also shoots) monks, drones are a few examples. U don't lose anything by not playing knights, since u have no allegiance requirements

I also have 5 but never use them

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Don't own those models unfortunately, 

And yeah 28 would be better, 30 even more so, they aren't covered in the plaguetouched warband so I don't care about them. 

They're 1 wound trash compared to the rest of my list. There to soak up a round of shooting.

I think with epi the knights will do reasonably well, rerolls 1 to hit to wound, going to be running it as a unit of 10 so it'll. Last in combat, and sooner or later they'll have a 3+ save, via a spell or epi. Which could become a 2+. And they'll just live,  we're doing the scenario to capture the middle of the field and you gain points for killing etc, so having tanky units which don't die, but do a few wounds is great.

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I would honestly try to fit baby Archeon and a Harbinger of Decay in the the list.  I would try something like this if you have those models and the Marauders for it:

Plaguetouched 4000

320      *Archeon

480      *Glottkin

140      *Harbinger

260      *Bloab

540      *14 Blight Kings

540      *28 Chaos Warriors

180      *28 Marauders

400      *10 Chaos Knights of Nurgle

140      *Plaguetouched Warband

120     Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Mount

180     Epidemius

180     Plagueclaw

180     Plagueclaw

300     30 Plaguebearers

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Can't use that list as there's only 3 battleline unless you're splitting the units up. 

We don't use legacy lists.

The only other nurgle models I own are.

Warshrine, Chariot, Gorebeast Chariot. Chaos hero, morbidex, orghotts, Nurglings x9, manticore lord, manticore sorcerer, chaos lord on Daemonic Mount, 20 chaos warriors with Halberds, 10 chaos knights with glaives, 5 blightkings, Gutrot, archaon (big one) kayzk the befouled, chaos chosen x10.


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As someone who has just got a few Nurgle units painted up, but hasn't spent much time with the rules due to studying, can I ask about the discrepancies in the unit numbers? For example it says 3x5 blightkings equals 14 models, and the same for the 28 warriors? Is this just a case of taking only 28 soldiers but paying the full price of 10 for one unit of 8?


Also if I may piggyback - I have 10 warriors (6 unpainted), a Lord of Plagues and the Start Collecting Nurgle Daemons box - where would people advise I go next? I really want some Blightkings myself, and I was thinking of bulking out the army with Start Collecting Slaves to get the Sorcerer lord and Knights - does this sound good? I basically want to hit 1k so I can play a decent sized vanguard.

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Blightkings are great, and I've taken 28 and 14 as of the battalion. Which is under everchosen in the app.

It allows me -1 to against those units in close combat, and any enemy attacking me on a to wound roll of a 6, they suffer a mortal wound.

It also grants my unit champion a mortal wound attack on a 4+

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