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  1. I would drop marauders horsemen, chariots and battalion in order to have more mass. Also karkadrak is not that good without rend artefacts, expecially in khorne despoilers. I would drop him too. This gains you 600 points if i am not mistaken. 40 more marauders are very much needed. The last 280 are expedable between: chaos lord, manticore lord, chosens (10), allies.
  2. After a few months playing STD i do think that knights almost always must be taken in units of 5 unless you really want a mobile anvil. And i like ENS weapons more for 2 reasons: 1) more consistent damage output 2) they do not rely on charge. This is pretty huge because in some scenarios you are not able to charge without disrupting your placement on objective. Also in the charging factor you are forgotting to include the opponent: if they get charged they are simply done. That being said, i do think that at 160 they are pretty good. In my list i use almost always 2 units of 5, they add some rend, mobility and they are Battleline for objectives. Edit: oh and regarding the mark, the only one that imho rewards taking lances is slaanesh. Khorne works for both and Nurgle absolutely wants ENS weapons.
  3. Oh i know, i played Nurgle for 5 years and i used ptw when it was bonkers. Anyway i am not saying that it is terrible, i do say instead that there are choices in the army that i rate higher. If you wanna play in Nurgle tho my thought is quite the opposite, it is a great way to reduce drops and Nurgle has some great sinergies with slaves
  4. The ma in problem i have with ptw in STD is the following (i played half a dozen of games with it then dropped it): You are paying 180 points in order to get: -an extra artefact (since artefacts are not that great and realm artefact have been cut there isn't much to say, the only book artefact worth taking is diabolic mantle). - an extra CP: all good there - a bouncing MW on 6s to wound. However you need to fill the 8 units requirements, you cannot include in it any Nurgle ally (Harbinger, lob) or STD daemon prince, warcry bands and such The problem is that you come up with some min size unit that are nothing special. I am not saying it is bad, i am saying that i think there is something better and more fun to play in this army. Oh and btw it really is only good vs Saurus/Saurus guard, everything else in the Dino roster does not care about ptw. The almost monodrop is nice tho. Is without a doubt the strongest marked battalion of the book
  5. I do think that sallies are still in, they will not be spammed like before but they still rock. I do not particularly like ptw tbh. Seems hard to fit everything in and you do not include DP or other things in it.
  6. Loool didn't notice that. I am not an english speaker so the device traces the most similar word to heroes ahahahhaha
  7. Because seraphon is in the meta with bastiladons and salamanders Nurgle becomes interesting as a mark of chaos. It will be almost impossible to snipe your herpes due to pitch black, -1 to hit from the general aura, -1 to hit from look out sir. From this after los check bastiladons are hitting herpes on 6s and everything else on 5s. Pretty useful. The only thing that pushes Nurgle back is the nerfed daemon prince that right now is awful beyond imagination compared to the khorne one. In order to have paragon of ruin, aka the only despoilers trait you want, you need a prince that also becomes your general and the general aura in khorne/Nurgle is very important
  8. 😏😏 I do not honestly think that khorne is that bad as you are telling. I mean, for sure is not the most competitive book out there but has strong sinergies, and Cool combos you can do. It is miles better than Nurgle for instance and STD slaanesh with the increase of the Cost of supreme sybarites isn't that spicy My list there has some issues btw, i made it quickly and i do not think it has nearly enough mass to make it worth it. The battalion is very heavily costed too...
  9. Hello guys, i have a STD army, but since STD allegiance is utter ****** i wanted to try to play it in khorne. The list is updated with new points for GHB 2020 as far as we know. Goretide Karkadrak, Hew the foe, gorecleaver Bloodsecretor, thronebreaker torc Lord of chaos 40 marauders 2x5 warriors, shields 10 chaos knights 5 chaos knights Chaos spawn Chaos warshrine Bloodmarked warband 1990/2000
  10. Well knight of the empty throne isn't really playable without varanguards. Tho it isn't the most competitive build around. About the second list i don't really think that the karkadrak's command makes knight worth expecially if you run them with one Hand weapons. Also knights are pretty meh for their point Cost, so i wouldn't run more than 5 unless you really want to play 10. Warshrine is a must, 2 just have more reliability than one and in a list that wants to buff a 600 point unit i want more chance to get the +1 save
  11. hey no problem. kotet list was: 6 varanguard, plate, doom sorcerer lord 40 marauders 5 warriors 10 knights 2 warshrines all nurgle marked khorne despoiler list was: DP, paragon, ethereal/soj/diabolic mantle karkadrak, dimensional blade lord bloodsecretor 10 chosen 40 marauders 20 marauders warshrine 5 knights godsworn champion of ruin
  12. while we are not a t1 book i managed to do pretty well with std so far. i am 3-0 with despoilers (that i still think it's the strongest of the subfactions) and am right now trying a knight of the empty throne list, i am 6-1 so far. in both list i rarely played more than 40 marauders, maybe once or twice in the despoiler one, in which i regularly play also chosens/knights. just my 2 cents anyway
  13. Could be a new hero instead of the CSL. Honestly the kits in the SC! Are ok beside warriors. Since i doubt that we will receive anything new but endless spells i do not see them repacking that for nothing, it will include something new.
  14. We really do not know how they will perform better with the new tome. Right now i'd go with glaives on knights and Hand weapon on warriors
  15. Agree but it is actually pretty small. I am very concerned about chosen, it's lorewise my favorite unit along with varanguards
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