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Azyros - first attempt st OSL effect.

Wild Dave

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Hey all, 

I've just finished a Knight-Azyros (awesome model to paint) and I tried to do an OSL effect for the firs time. 

Id like people's thoughts and some constructive criticism from people better at the technique. 

I used an airbrush and added flow improver to try and make the paint translucent. The problem I had is that the yellow "light" appeared green when applied in thin coats. It improved with more layers but I was too scared of applying too much paint and losing the translucent glow effect on the parts it was hitting. 

Dont get me wrong, I'm happy with it overall, but would like to tap in to the knowledge of others. 








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paintjob looks beautiful. In regards to the lighting (and I am no expert)  I would suggest perhaps using more white than yellow as it the yellow looks a little cartoony. To touch it up, perhaps use a stippling effect that loses intensity towards the edges with white paint and add some very thin layers of an orange from the centre out to give the actual light source a bit of shape. The areas you have hit look really good and the effect seems spot on. Nice effort 

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Nice job on a first attempt.  In addition to the suggestions made by Mohojoe, I'd also say to think about where the light should be coming from.  The top front of the dome of the lantern should really be quite dark as the light is coming out of the front and sides and light won't bend :) 

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