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The Legion of Azgorh marches forth

Kaleb Daark

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Just thought I'd post up some pics of my chaos dwarf army.  I painted it for a very good friend of mine, and when he gave up warhammer fantasy it made its way back into my posession.  I've decided that i'd rather keep adding to it as time goes on.  I've affectionately called it 'the family army'


hell cannons are complete f**k**s to put together!!!

Rocket Launchers








Infernal Fireglaives and command






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Great army, some very atmospheric, moody paintjobs that carry across the whole force. Get them on some rounds! :D 

The Kdaai is jawdropping, what did you make the lava from? I'm planning on modeling some new dwarf warmachines in the foreseeable future that are actually firing and am currently trying to figure out the best way to do it.


Also I love your username.




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Thanks Double Misfire :)

I've always liked Kaleb Daark from the moment I picked up that second compendium!


So... lava... really really easy.  I used sprue to basically make a frame for it to sit on, and then just used a putty like milliput or similar to build the bulk of it and then when that's dry, just cover it in greenstuff.

Once the green stuff is on, I used a hook and a small nail to just pull and pluck at the greenstuff to give the effect of wispy flames.

Undercoated white and then painted with inks. so that all the colours bled through each other.  I don't have an airbrush other wise that would probably be a lot better as it does a pretty decent job of wrecking brushes.  The tips were picked out in black to try and break it up a bit.

When I get the money I'd like to add a drazoath to this as well as a magma cannon and maybe a skullcracker as it's such a bonkers model. :)

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