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Unit weapon options / Mixed weapons



Hi all,

Apologies if a) this has been asked before and b) I'm being stupid but...

Can units have mixed weapons? 

i.e. on the Empire Freeguild Guard warscroll, it says that some carry halberds, some carry spears etc etc etc. If I want a unit of 30 guard can I, for example, choose to arm 20 with swords and shields and 10 with spears? Or do all 30 have to have the same option?


Cheers in advance



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Well the free guild can be confusing because the guard include the militia weapons. These basically mix in the old free company militia from the empire age of sigmar warscrolls with state troops. This means that if you say your mixed unit has militia you can mix weapons. This gives you the ranged attacks but you lose the specifics on your melee weapons. Your swords just become 4/4/-/1 with no parry. I can see where this would be useful. 

I would just imagine my guys all have slings or small bows or pistols, for the theme . 

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Most warscrolls say "units carry either" or similar wording - these are same armament throughout (this is the case with freeguild).
Some warscrolls have a "one model in X may carry" type clause.

Even rarer are the "models carry either", where you can mix and match.

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