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I slipped...

Chris Tomlin

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Guys, I think I have a bit of a problem. I keep buying ALL of the AoS releases ?

Ive preordered the book, the characters inc Maw-Krusha and 4 boxes of Brutes - all of which will get the two handed weapons as they look so badass. 

Already have my colour scheme sorted as they will be done like my 40K and GorkaMorka Orks - Da Black Sunz

I have zero focus on what army I'm actually doing as my main project, but whatever, it's all fun!

Wondering what more I'll add to round out s full army. I've always loved the Fellwater Troggoth models so I think they need to be on the radar. Maybe some Ogors. Considering using the Mierce Miniatures Angrislaug as a Magma Dragon!!

Chris x

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Can't go wrong with Ironguts. Leadbelchers are nice for some combined firepower, speed and punch. Boar boys or something like that to get your some speed would be a safe choice as well.

Oh, and get some magic. They're all great choices.

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I've found that Ogor Bulls are a great addition to the army, they absorb wounds well can cause havoc with low armoured units as well as silly things that ignore rend with their 2 damage.  A block with a tyrant in support is even better as they allow him to tag a corner and with his -2 rend 3 damage attacks he can murder stuff 

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On ‎04‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 8:35 PM, Mikester1487 said:

Ah shoot I totally thought I was original by naming my orruks Da Black Sunz.  Now I'm gonna have to smash you and take the clan as my own.

Haha no chance. I AM The Black Sun ;)

Some good suggestions in here for sure. I think I'm definitely keen to add some Ogors, however maybe I need to add some basic Orruks or something cheap to bulk out the army?

I am playing my first game with the Destruction tonight, using SCGT pool choices and one of the scenarios from the Ironjawz book. I'm playing against Fyreslayers and my 100 was largely determined by the models I have;

Megaboss Krunk

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (Big Deez)

Weirdnob Shaman


4x Brutes (10 with great weapons, 2x 5 with Choppas)

1x Ardboyz

Magma Dragon

As you can see, I'm a little light on boyz, however I do have two massive monsters - I did go for Mierce Miniatures fantastic Angrislaug in the end.

Should be fun!!



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