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Which alligeance to choose.


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Trying to brainstorm the different advantages and inconvenient of rolling a pure Beastclaw army and having to choose between Destruction allegeance and the BCR one.

Basically you have to choose between :

-+1D6 movement each turn, something you can combine with run&charge of the basic bonus of Stonehorns and the Jorlbad for even more speed.

- reroll 1 to wound on charge + random buff (rerol 1 on saves/+3movement/random rare mortal wounds on close combat)

And also between the different artifacts of each faction, on this part the Battlebrew seems more catchy than everything.

And also between the different traits for your general.

The open question is : What is preferable for a BCR army, do you really need +1D6 movement when your army already have 9-12 movement and 3D6 rerollable charge? Which loadout of general traits and artifacts is preferable?

I can't think of a clear winner between both. Does someone have any experiences / certitures to share?


Thanks a lot.


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I like running destruction over BCR allegiance.

Pros of Destruction vs BCR:

  • D6 movement in hero phase - makes opponents have to play more defensively and makes double turns alot more devastating
  • Useful command abilities (might is right, ravager are my two favourite with my current list, Nothing left standing is useful vs sylvaneeth)
  • Battlebrew

Cons of Destruction vs BCR:

  • Pelt of Changar - there is something satisfying about bringing a stonehorn that has suffered wounds back to full strength. Combined with the huskard on thundertusk healing this can be very strong)
  • Reroll 1s to wound

In summary i think destruction wins on command trait and battletrait, and ties (or is loses slightly) on artefacts.

That said, it depends how you play and I may change my mind after some more games

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