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Rat Swarms Endless Tide




The Endless Tide ability on the Rat Swarms Warscroll adds one new Rat Swarm model to the unit in your Hero Phase.

Does this count as Reinforcements? When playing Matched Play would all the additional Rat Swarms models need to be paid for or are they free?

For Example, could I take 12 units of Rat Swarms, each with the minimum 2 models and then in every Hero Phase I would get 12 more completely free?



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They are free. Although there is a general trend for inherent unit abilities to not count, the main reason is you only have to pay for new units set up - whether that is recycling, summoning or whatever. This ability adds models to a unit that has already been set up, and the first paragraph of the third column on page 108 of the GHB explicitly states adding models to units doesn't cost.

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