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Best way to sell models?


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So I have accumulated a few models that are New on Sprue that came in various Vanguards or Start Collectings that I need to pass along.  I figured I could go the Ebay route, but is there a different site or method that people have found more success with?  When it comes to the FOMO boxes, I know there's lots of talk about buying it and then selling the side you don't care for.  What's the popular way to do that?

Any insight would be appreciated.  

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Discord, Facebook groups (TBH I don't honestly know about these but years ago when I was on FB people would post about models and if I had them to sell I could through DMs), and eBay.


I am thinking about flooding eBay with stuff and drastically lower than list prices to sell fast and mess up people listing OOP models at 4 times the original cost.  

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