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Army composition confusion from a noob...


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Hello all,

I've been a fantasy player for a long time but have not got into AoS yet, however that is all about to change!


I spotted this army on twitter the other week (unfortunatley I can't remember whose twitter it was on, so apologies to that person in advance) and kinda realised that I wanted to 100% steal this army idea;



Not knowing the AoS rules at all I did some reading as best I could and have a few questions if anyone could help me out...

1. The skullcrushers and chariots are from different army lists right? (Bloodbound and Slaves to Darkness). Can I still use these together in a points based game?

2. If so, can anyone explain what in this army would be the Battleline units, etc.

3. Not that this is of massive importance, would this be any good on the table / what else could be added to make it perform a bit better?


Cheers all!

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Welcome to AoS! It's a great game.

1. All those models are from the Chaos Alliance so you can use them all together.

2. You'd need some battleline units (sort of like the old core tax) if you want to use them all. I think blood crushers are battleline if you've only got daemons, but as the chariots are Slaves to Darkness they won't count.

3. So you're definitely going to need to add battleline. Chaos has a few choices but I'd say this army would suit some chaos warriors or bloodletters to keep it nice and fluffy. You'll obviously want a character to lead army. Bloodthirster?

Enjoy! Should be a fun, fast moving army to play.

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This list is probably skullcrusher core with a skullcrusher general. (As you have to have him as it to make them core)

the list works as they're all mortal khorne.

I'd probably run some gorebeasts myself and drop the warshrine. 

You can also have chaos knights as core if you run slaves to darkness only. 

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All the rules are on the free AoS app, but you may want to get the Bloodbound Battletome and the Chaos Grand Alliance book. The General's handbook is a must buy too. 

The Mighty Lord on Skullcrusher and three units of Skullcrushers make up the Brass Stampede formation, and as previously stated the Lord makes Skullcrushers battleline if the whole army is mortal Khorne. I.e. All Khorne marked and no Daemons essentially. 

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