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Hello from the UK (specifically Nottingham)


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Hello everyone,

After lurking here for a month or so (I discovered the place thanks to the Slaves to Darkness leaks) I decided to sign up.

My most recent (ongoing) period of hobby started shortly after the start of the first lockdown, during which time I've managed to build myself a decent pile of shame. I've eventually settled on Ironjawz for my first army because the last time I got back into Warhammer I started with Orcs and Goblins, and I find painting green skin enjoyable and relatively easy (plus Ironjawz look awesome of course). I've now just got to settle on a paint scheme for them (probably Bloodtoofs, since I love red, but I might try to come up with my own paint scheme to make them easier to use as other Warclans if I want). I've got a fair chunk of non-Ironjawz stuff for future projects, and I really need to stop buying more.

Before that I've had two periods of hobbying: from about the age of 6 until about 13 where I collected Orcs and Goblins for WFB, Blood Angels for 40k, as well as various other bits and pieces (I had a High Elf Man 'o War, and Eldar army for Epic: Space Marine, Orlocks and Ratskins for Necromunda and more I'm sure); and another from about 18 until 20ish where I collected almost everything at least a little bit (I owned every single WFB Army Book in 5th edition with, at some time, the intention of playing them, though only went further and bought miniatures for some).

I wasn't involved with the hobby when the End Times happened, though I did periodically take a look at the GW webstore to see what was happening, so didn't have quite the same anger at the death of the Old World. It did feel weird to realise that the setting I'd loved since childhood was suddenly no more, and I read a fair amount of hate about Age of Sigmar and its Sigmarines so I probably wasn't that well primed to like it. But then, whilst killing time on YouTube some time after the lockdown had started I came across a video covering the preview of Dominion and I was blown away by the sculpts (so much so I went to look at existing Stormcast to see whether my low opinion of them was coloured by bias: turns out not, I just don't really like the look of older Stormcast). Suddenly the idea of painting a few minis whilst locked up at home seems quite appealing, then the idea of gaming with them too and here we are with a pile of shame.

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