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Ideas for what to do


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I'm putting together some Order stuff.  Thinking about what to do next.  It's about half Dwarfs, half assorted but still Dwarf themed/converted.  Painting everything to match.

So far I'm looking at (not limiting myself by any comp, I'll use comp to select a force out of this army):

Dwarf stuff:

  • 40 Ironbreakers
  • 35 Irondrakes
  • 6 Gyrocopters
  • Various Dispossessed warmachines, at least 2 of each
  • Couple Runelords
  • Couple Cogsmiths
  • Couple Lords (including with or without shieldbearers)
  • Thane Battle Standard (which you can pry out of my cold dead hands)
  • Grimwrath Berzerker

Other stuff

  • Lord Celestant on Dracoth
  • Celestial Hurricanum/Celestial Wizard (with Dwarf crew, not stupid humans)
  • Luminark of Hysh (with Dwarf crew, not stupid humans)
  • Demigryph Knights (Mantic Dwarfs on bears, not stupid humans)
  • War Hydra (with Dwarf handler, not stupid Aelfs)

So is there anything obvious that I'm missing here?  Any other Order stuff that will synergize nicely here, or operate without needing synergies?  The first thing that leaps to mind is an Amber Battle Wizard - +1 to wound is always nice, stacks with Dwarf Lord, and I might even have something suitably Dwarfy.  I've got a Dark Elf Lord/Black Dragon mostly assembled - I could start work on that too.  Anything else?  Haven't even considered anything from High or Wood Elves, or any horsi-horsi cavalry - any of those that leap out?  I've also got the rest of the SCE from theh starter box - any of those units worth adding to a non-SCE force, or do they really only work with all the teleport/buff nonsense?



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This might seem crazy, but think of the theme or story behind these bros to help drive your choices? I want to add flagellants and priests to my StormBros. Not sure if they are good, I just think having the tattered remains of humans that were just saved would be cool. That being said, it's not always the best competitive method of army selection. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in this game.

You have a lot of cool stuff to choose from there. Maybe a cheap bubble wrap unit for the teleport b.s.?

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Fyreslayer Runesmiter + Magmadroth might be something to look into. The Magmabomb is a pretty good way of putting pressure on your foe early. What your list is mostly missing is speed. The army is slow. Dracoths will definitely help in that regard. Maybe some Dragon Princes/Demi-Gryph knights? Or some miners. Anything that can let you be active rather than reactive would be a good choice.

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