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  1. Picked up two boxes of fenrisian wolves for the Saber tusks.
  2. @Malakithe I was thinking the same thing for a while. I picked up 18 Yhetee off eBay and I'm figuring out where they slot in. What's stopping me is the FL on the TT instead of the SH. The Horn is just so much more brutal.
  3. I'm going beast mode full Torribad. Huskard on thundertusk. 3 units of 6 yhetee, three thundertusk riders.
  4. Bases are hardboard from Home Depot. Jigsawed and dremeled. Rust was created with progressive layers of the new rust paint from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I started with the yellow and worked inwards from light to dark. It's tricky, as the paint is pretty heavy in pigment. You kinda need to be loose with blending. Don't be afraid to go back in with lighter or darker shades as you see fit. Go with a wet palette on this one. I've been talking with Justin from Secret Weapon, apparently he will be releasing some how to videos.
  5. Play a movie in the background and grind dude. I try to keep a clean work space as well, this helps me stay motivated. Put in at least a half hour each day. Stuff gets completed. Or look into zenithal highlight priming and working with washes so it goes really fast. There are lots of different speed paint techniques. Not everything needs to be Golden Daemon.
  6. Bam! I can't find starter pics. Just wanted to be involved.
  7. Just finished these over the weekend. Played with the new Secret Weapon rust paints and some weathering powders.
  8. This might seem crazy, but think of the theme or story behind these bros to help drive your choices? I want to add flagellants and priests to my StormBros. Not sure if they are good, I just think having the tattered remains of humans that were just saved would be cool. That being said, it's not always the best competitive method of army selection. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in this game. You have a lot of cool stuff to choose from there. Maybe a cheap bubble wrap unit for the teleport b.s.?
  9. Durty B


    Gotta admit, Ogor refresh with these new models was looking pretty good. I gotta pass on it. Too many other things to paint. (Eyes up dread hold... Pulls trigger)
  10. Honestly, just play to the story. If the battle plan sounds like a skirmish, play a skirmish. If it sounds like a huge battle, go crazy. The last few months have got me caring less and less about points, size and balance.
  11. I was wondering if using 20mm bases was a thing.
  12. Durty B


    Let's get weird!
  13. I rage quit. Kept my models though. Dust settled, came back to try AoS with a point system. Now I'm all in. My favorite edition yet. Rebasing, buying up Stormbro's, and building realm terrain. All in suckas.
  14. Hey gang. Don't worry, you're safe now. Daddy is here. -Durty
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