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Skaven army plog


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Great work dude, I really hope you can keep that level up throughout your army. I cant wait to see more of your larger models. Make sure you give them a little more saturation and have fun with the smoke effects and blisters like they have. That's gonna make your army really pop.

I'm not super excited about the bases, however. The skin is really what I find to be a great focal point for rat armies and Orruks. But the base color you have on blends the two together and either one stands out. Right now you have a piece of fabric as that.

Perhaps a non brown tone to the base? Grey is not a bad option if you want to keep it simple, or really make tiles with some .20 plasticards. That could give them that sewer environment I always imagine for a skaven army of my own. Then you could paint the tiles grey, give some small piles of brownish gravel and then some "Nurgle's Rot" for some gross sewer water. Maybe even some small blood splatter on a few.

I know this most likely a 100+ model army, but if you have the time, patience and energy you could knock that out pretty quickly and still have it look great.

I hope that helps and keep up the good work! :)

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Cheers. It's been time consuming already, as I'm a slow painter, but I'm enjoying it.

Totally agree on the bases. Thankfully they're not finished. I'm going for swampy style I think. I've done a test one (no pics yet) with Nurgle's Rot but I'm not sure about it. I think I might try to find an orange equivalent to contrast with the blue. I'm not sure such a thing exists though so I'm gonna have to mix it up.

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