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Starting a pure Skaven/Clan Eshin Army


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Hello, as I wrote in the title I'm starting a pure Eshin army.

I ordered one vermin lord, two silver tower assassins (ehm.. four, considering their two shadows) and three night runners boxes.

I will convert gutter runners from plastic night runners.

I have a few question for more experienced shaven players:

- it's possible use plague monks heads on night runner bodies?

- what is night runner size, compared clan rats? I mean, can I use clan rats with appropriate colors and weapons mixed with night runners?

- how many men (ehm rats) in every unit? I was considering blocks of 30 night runners and 10 gutter runners

- do assassins worth their cost? Or is better use more gutter runners?

- may I consider a second vermin lord in a 2000 point lists? 

Thanks everyone for answers and suggestions

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I can advise on the modelling but not the game play, as I haven't used my Skaven in AoS yet.

Plague monk heads will fit on the Night Runners just fine. The Night Runners are from the old Mordheim kit and are designed to be compatible with the old clanrats. Compared to the newer models they are larger and have the old Micky Mouse hands of older GW models. That said, Skaven vary a lot in size so mixing in some newer models won't do any harm.

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Run and shoot on your battle line with great movement.

They are weak in cc so add all the assassins you like to these units to punish your opponent's and hide your heros.


Deciver is sooo amazing, use him as a center point and buff your units, use his great range to be behind your battle line units and support them with his ranged attacks and cc to help finish off weakened units.

Skitterleap if units are threatening him and redeploy to destroy/assist in destroying weak/vunerable targets.


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I just love that you are starting an all Eshin army. I've got one myself, but instead of limiting my choices I just stuck to a theme throughout. I made Gutter Runners out of regular Clan Rats and some green stuff. I'm not particularly good with GS either, I just winged it as best I can after watching a few YouTube tutorials. I made the slings from plasticard and bits of rubble/basing.  Here's a few pics, sorry I'm not a better photographer. You can see my army here in the gallery by looking up the Clan of the Drowned Rat tag.



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Love your army Dez, thank you for sharing! I preferred (at least for the moment) choose a mono-clan army, for two reason.

The first one, I love the feeling of Eshin theme (assassins, spies moving in the darkness, poisons and deathly weapons), and the mix with other units didn't convince me too much, I think thir background are too much differents.

The second reason, mixing units I had to take little units of clanrats as battlelines, and I hate this thing too much! I wanted a pure elite army.

I hope for the future that some other unit will arrive (even if I'm not too much sure), or at least hope in a battletome of the faction with some interesting  formations and possibility of using other warscrolls with eshin mark..

For the moment.. any suggestion about speed painting of large skaven blocks?

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I primed everything in Rustoleum Deep Red, which is actually a nice rusty brown. Give it a quick wash with Agrax Earth or Army Builder Strong Tone (what I prefer), and then drybrush with whatever brown you prefer. You can mix it up with different browns to add interest. Then you can paint black areas black, and give it a quick drybrush with grey. Bob's yer uncle!

I of course started that way...but then added lots of layering and tones I didn't need and turned a quick project into a labor intensive one that I still got done in under a month :) (3 weeks or so).

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