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Stormcast Lord commander?


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So guys, after reading books, battletome etc etc, I'm left wondering who our first named commander could be?

Being the first forged, Vandus Hammerhand would make sense to be the first Lord commander. He has lead the Stormcast from the start, spearheading the gate strikes against the forces of chaos. 

Also, as Sigmar favours the clerical take to his army, I'm also wondering if Ionus Cryptborn could be in with the chance of the title? He's ranked as high as Vandus and is well respected.

in summary, could there even be a possibility of a new leader, freshly Forged by Sigmar? I think that would be amazing, but I would like to see Vandus Hammerhand rise to the title. What are your views, SE fans?

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52 minutes ago, Dracothjay said:

As far as I can recall the celestant prime was gifted ghal-maraz by Sigmar himself. I think he is of heroic stock, more so than noble so I think he could not be in for the title. He's just renown for his heroic deeds he performed. Anyone correct me if I am wrong please.

Aye, the Celestant Prime was the first soul plucked to become Stormcast (I think), but wasn't the finished product until Ghal Maraz was found and bestowed onto him by Sigmar, which completed the Reforging process and brought him into play. Lots of rumours of who he was before Reforging, plenty of speculation that it's an old face from the World That Was etc, only time will tell :D Seems to be more of a super weapon to throw at the enemy when things are getting desperate, rather than a seasoned general, which you'd imagine the Lord Commander eventually being - Vandus is the obvious choice, but that really seems a bit too obvious.

Whoever it is, really hope to see the Lord Commander, whether it's Vandus, Grymm, Cryptborn etc as a unique character in game in the future with an awesome model. Not that I need any more excuses to buy shiny Stormcasts :P

Should probably point out that I'm only up to Fury of Gork in the BL novels, so I could be completely and utterly behind with these predictions!

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