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  1. The models used to have rules and hope for the future, look at them now. Spooky what it can happen.
  2. I know, but it's not the same feeling. I play because I want to have an enjoyable experience not because I feel obligated to get something out of my investment.
  3. The only interesting observation I can make is that all the spells that the highborn had can be recycled... I am mostly going to miss Archemage and his bubble. I'll proxy Swordmasters as Executioners and Archmage as Jade Wizard, I'll miss his option to be mounted.
  4. Feeling genuinely sad. Rest noble highborn princes and princesses, you were too good for this world.
  5. To be honest, I'm wishfully hoping that we're going to see some of the hysh elves that were merged with the native spirits of the Hysh. In part I feel it continues what we've seen with Sylvaneth, Daughters of Khaine and possibly wanderers. The other part because it's something that allows me to port "knights radiant" into my own background.
  6. From WD: Speculation, the "Ten Paradises" is a land unspoiled by Chaos and controlled by the Twins. Possibly cultivated by the Twins from the start and from there they will launch their offensives. I find it intriguing that it's referred as the "ten", further speculation, perhaps that is the number of "provinces" that compose the Twins empire (or perhaps hegemony). In the Malign Sorcery there is an artifact called "The sash of The ten Paradises".
  7. I'm not sure if this is true, either way, it's why we have allegiances for the cities. I rather like this, I feel it's more likely for those residents to primarily identify with the city than with the faith, although I'm not dissing the possibility of a civil turmoil because of it. GA: Order is fine, they're not a monotonous force.
  8. Generating extra command points and fighting first seem perks that are tied to being from Hysh. I'd see it rather fitting that a faction terrain will be some sort of obelisks that allow teleportation or some sort of resource gathering (plus a nice way to meme "you must construct additional pylons"). It's rather depressing how little we know about them.
  9. I am hoping that Hysh Elves will be a similar release to Gits, some new kits but mostly tying the old high elf line. Background wise Tyrion and Teclis seem to be marshaling a variety of elves that reside in the realm of light along with the various spirits. What the army really needs is a new battle line and a shooting unit to form the bulwark of the force. Whatever elites will be released it'll be a bonus in my view. If they choose this vision I don't think we'll see rules for unified elves. What that means for wanderers I don't know, although I hope they come later rather than sooner as to me they're pretty uninteresting and far cry from being any major player in the story. Perhaps with some battalions and rules that change few keywords and open access to a lore but I think this won't satisfy anyone in the long run. Story wise the wanderers are trying to redeem themselves, while those under Teclis seem to be preparing for the rampage of Slaanesh and her hedonist followers. If they choose to release an unified tome for the old elves that'd likely mean they need to put more resources into design and production of the new armies along with something that ties the older fragments. A rather inelegant solution in my view. Although I enjoy elves I don't think the game needs to have that many of them.
  10. I had plans for that sorceress.
  11. Like a long drive after 15:00 in a crowded and poorly maintained metro.
  12. Realms are based on the winds of magic. Lore of Ice was a minor school of magic, so who's to say there isn't a small cube of ice that's floating around in space.
  13. Hysh, It plays with the themes that I enjoy and it's also the realm of elves.
  14. Wasn't there supposed to be a campaign that will move the story onward?
  15. New army, gems that enslave living organisms.
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