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  1. The crazy realization is that there's also Tyrion part left for later.
  2. It'll give us an injection of the needed diversity. I could see a new tome shortly after BR: Teclis, similar to how DoK will receive it. I'm sure there will be options to run blademasters, the question is when are we going to see these models. Likely with the next instalment of Broken Realms, with Slaanesh Mortals yet to be release we could be waiting for a few months. Until then enjoy your stay.
  3. Loads of new miniatures incoming. I'd have liked to see more of them, as opposed to only their silhouettes.
  4. Seems the next Broken Realms will be a must-buy... Fingers crossed for Eltharion acting as agent of karma and smiting Arkhan where it hurts.
  5. It'd be a major spoiler for the broken realms and any story event. The soul of Aenarion would also recognize the Lumineth as true inheritors of the high elves, seems a rather big implication. Another thought is that the beast feels rather inadequate for the greatest Warhammer elf that ever lived. Considering how much Teclis dedicated himself in making the armour of Eltharion and his new body form. I feel nothing short of a new Dragon or Phoenix is going to fit for the reborn Aenarion.
  6. I'd like to see Broken Realms: Teclis announced, the search for the Aenarion soul would be a thrill for me.
  7. Yeah, the angles and zoomed in photos tend to give a different perspective. It's a different story once you put them on the table and see them from a gaming distance.
  8. Depends on how many assembly pieces it needs. Regent looks nice, interesting symbol on his shield. Can't wait to put the blade of leaping gold back into action. Hopefully there are two or more units still to be shown on Saturday.
  9. I think it's sadder how two sides are unable or unwilling to sit down and have a cultural exchange of ideas with each other, this drama has been dragging on since the first reveals.
  10. The answer, my fellow elves, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind.
  11. Yeah, Alarith seem to be the flagship of the elements at the moment. The disciples of the stone temple are also likely the most fitting for direct engagements or perhaps the most eager, I'm drawing a certain level of analogy with other settings, while other elements would prefer other roles in the warfare scheme. Warfare is an angle they've been presented, however it's good to be aware it's only a part of their story.
  12. He/she floats in the artwork, however should we base on the miniature, they're wonderful at carefully stacking rocks on one another. Probably undisputed Jenga champs.
  13. On average, they are very mediocre. I've enjoyed Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus (W. King) but cannot say the same for the rest, as noted, they tend to be action focused with lesser emphasis on the character growth and drama. Personally rather enjoyed the works of William King and would dare to recommend him. There's Age of Sigmar Wiki and I'm sure people over here are civilized enough to politely answer the questions you might have. 🐯
  14. All the great elven heroes, princes and kings lived in the shadow of Aenarion. Tyrion was the closest to him. If he was capable of observing the course of the events after his death, I imagine he'd have quite a lot. To most of them their souls wither and in general cannot act as other elves, some are prone to hedonistic madness.
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