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  1. Do we know for certain that Teclis is angry, for all we know he might go: "That Grungi fellow is alright, he's using one of my patents."
  2. I haven't seen this reference. It's clear that Tyrion is still a warrior (can't recall but the scene has priests recreating one his feats with mirrors), yet he seems to also be about true meaning. The blind being noted as being favored by him if this is something that mortals correlated is unknown, however, it's noted in The Prodigal short story. Nice write up.
  3. I'm seeing the project as something of a challenge for the writers. Speaking honestly, we're often shielded from the horrors and a rather grotesque portrayal of the setting/story. Toning the scenes further down and simply using the IP to deliver a rather lighthearted story or adding more comedic reliefs seems plausible to me. Although now that the books are out maybe someone that actually read them can clarify how successfully they did their work. The next aspect that bothered me with the initial reaction is that this content is optional and a chance of random exposure seems rather minimal. Unlike the ads for pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco and so on who are everywhere and tend to be rather direct and in my mind far more harmful to society. I feel that's something out of our hands and for the GW writers to decide. Phil Kelly said few interesting thoughts on the last Stormcast podcast, because of them I'm currently leaning towards the view that AoS world is still very much work in progress and I shouldn't be surprised that in a few years from now certain things will be invalidated or treated as if never happened.
  4. I can understand the frustration although I can't feel it. I think it's fine, a nod to history but looking forward to the future. I was rather saddened by the reaction that some had on the announcement of the children's stories. Maybe they can't and there is a limitation to what they can do, that is if they can find the souls of these legendary heroes in the first place. I think that was a subplot in Realmslayer. Gotrek accepted that even if he could find Felix he'd be changed and likely forgotten about him. A bit of a sad moment, but neat.
  5. I need to be in a mood to play Total War, not because I wouldn't like it but my potato PC needs 50+ seconds to do a roundabout. So if an app does that I'll likely won't be using it on my likewise potato class phone. The upside of PC gaming is a story mode as most of my tabletop games are simply matched play. I don't really like dice rolling but even more, I dislike using gadgets for this particular task. When it comes to other potentials such as augmented reality I wouldn't want to see it or rather when this would be needed it is when the system becomes too complicated or there's too much information to take into account. It's not my cup of tea.
  6. If the mention of hammers is a measurement for SCE than Hammerfall are written for them. I mentioned in the previous topic, I really like the Total War High Elf themes and other similar epics. Much time was spend on that game, masterpiece of its own time.
  7. Swordmasters are still sold in resin.
  8. Isn't CP farming more problematic, along with certain stratagem shenanigans? You end up with mixed units, but you're not taking them for the raw power of their profiles.
  9. Can someone with a time machine give me a lift to next year?
  10. Wasn't he written off in a sentence or two in the End Times? You had something else in mind? DoK is a very specific case and gives you a set of constraints to work with. To make the matters more complicated the druchii society is no more, ergo you need to redefine the DoK cult in a relationship with other segments of the world. The Cult of Khaine was always a subculture within druchii society, however when you define its relationship with the druchii the stage is set and you don't need that much of other work. The behavior they show is also rather boringly uniformed across the old lore. One way to break all of it is to make the MC an outcast or simply having a history with it as that allows certain interactions that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Point. I'm interested in the development of this subplot but wonder if DoK hero is needed as the main character. Should be interesting if they ever move forward with it as it'd had consequences on others rather than simply on DoK.
  11. What interesting tale could you tell with DoK as the main character?
  12. I enjoy my archetypes/tropes, however, they aren't really present in the deepkin. The models although reflecting the background didn't catch my interest. There are few miniatures that I'd enjoy having, but not enough to start an army. It's fine, I'll just collect the Skaven in the meantime I wait for the light elves.
  13. Can you elaborate further, I'm intrigued by your hypothesis.
  14. To me, it looks like Martha Wayne (Joker) reforged as Stormcast. Disturbing.
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