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  1. I see Elric more in Malus Darkblade character.
  2. They are painting Slaanesh as the big boogeyman and defiler of the elven race. They might not play the part of the previous trope, but that relationship feels rather sour as they've simply defined a big element of the elven culture and history. It's a shadow that follows everywhere you want to take your spin on the new elves, much like "the doomed race" did.
  3. Same, same. The eagles are neat models too, however I'm highly doubtful that's going to happen.
  4. I hope they make the Skycutter replacement. The character that comes with it is still one of the best looking elves I've ever seen.
  5. I warmly welcome my feline overlords.
  6. Hysh has been hit hard by the Chaos and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that certain losses were expected, although, they probably hoped Archon himself won't get involved. What's the end game for the Twins is my question, claiming territory is pointless, if there's not enough people to defend it. Teclis is wary of the possibility that Slaanesh will eventually break free while Tyrion and Malerion don't seem to consider this possibility. I hope there's more to the story, Slaanesh as the black hole that threatens the light of the elves is something that we already have with the Eldar. There needs to be something more, that's why I like the old lore.
  7. Mind that there would be no point in writing that paragraph down, if the Archon overwhelmed an elven force, who was just out of boot camp. Not that the paragraph is descriptive and I find it impossible to estimate just how evenly matched the forces were.
  8. To be fair a garrison force (Spire of the Dawn sized?) versus a marshalled army led by Archon himself is fighting at overwhelming disadvantage, that is, if the point of the garrison force is to defeat the enemy rather than simply stopping it until the nearer active elements can intervene. It's still leaves a sour taste, however, GW never was good at writing engagements or presenting an epic conflict that'd be memorable.
  9. The wait for the next news is a killer.
  10. For me it's the picture of the realm stone in malign sorcery, it has two slim humanoids with wings supporting it. It also talks of how only the aloof elves of hysh made sense of the realm stone. Perhaps I'm overly looking into things, perhaps not, I'd be far less inclined to believe in the winged elves, if there wouldn't be that picture.
  11. Malign sorcery, he built a giant tower made out of aetherquartz. That is my long time speculation, bonding with the primordial elements of Hysh makes them a part of realm cycle. Perhaps upon death they become part of the spirit (who are extension of the realm), with some that synchronize their souls well enough to achieve some sort of spiritual singularity. I speculate this is what the Light of Eltharion is.
  12. A berserker feels really out of place, as society the Lumineth likely frown upon such individuals. I suspect various practices had to be developed that allow maintaining their persona in balance, should an individual choose not to use the crystal of Hysh. Slaanesh always lusted for the elven souls in the world that was, although it was never in such relations to the High Elves as it was in case of the Eldar. With AoS, his lore was shifted towards a similar role, although he doesn't automatically get the souls as there is Nagash to consider. Yes, I remember the same. Elven souls being rather potent in empowering his undead constructs or artefacts.
  13. That card is rather interesting from multiple points.
  14. @Kugane, wonderfully written. I'm looking forward to the explanation of the runes. With the death of the elven pantheon the structure of the elves died too, I'm rather interested how the writers will create the new elven myth of how the universe is structured and relations of the LRL to it.
  15. I hope the sect of the wind will grant movement based shenanigans.
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