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  1. That dynamic and immersion belonged to a different era and game. The WM taste is definitely present in AoS, I don't find it that surprising as WM had aspects that are appealing for the modern gamers.
  2. As was pointed out, the colour of your base coat will have an effect on the later colours. Check the following tip, starts after 12:00 minute:
  3. Settler's Grain was mentioned in Soulbound, some humans choose self exile over strictness and supervision of their elven mentors, preferring to pay the danger of the frontier but gaining freedom. I'd recommend waiting for the Broken Realms: Teclis. Sentinels and Wardens currently make the bulk of any force, they're your safest choice.
  4. I'm still deciding what to use. The bases on my CoS elves turned nicely, I've used texture roller, zandri dust/skull white and some flock. It didn't turn out as neatly as I hoped, but it is what it is. I'm currently still researching what to do on Lumineth (yay for some free sick leave), probably going to use some pre-made bases as a guidance. In the worst case I'll use what I've learned during CoS project.
  5. Green fits very well with this model line, haven't seen a combination that I wouldn't like it. I'd prefer more lively bases, but it fits your theme.
  6. Hoeth is the elven god of knowledge and learning.
  7. I'm interested if the blademasters are going to be battle line, since they're of a Vanari type. Looking forward to the new releases, although I imagine it'll be a rather bitter taste when it comes to their prices.
  8. The cursed city is gorgeous. I'm rather happy with Lumineth, few designs I'd change but nothing serious.
  9. I hope they show the models tomorrow. Gods above how I wish I could play with the new Swordmaster, Loremaster and Marshall...
  10. The Age of Nagash is over, it's time for the Age of _______?
  11. What did you use for bronze? I'm really liking how everything came together (maybe I'd prefer brighter bases).
  12. I don't think anyone disputes his role as a teacher, I can only comment that he shouldn't be taken as Siddartha or Confucius. His actions definitely mirror an action of a guru (dispeller of darkness, darkness being ignorance), however considering AoS has a rather western setting, myself choose to not compare or mirror a fictional character to real historical figures. The outcome, imo, has too much friction to work smoothly, there are general practices and ideas that you could take and modify for the setting.
  13. You have Teclis and Tyrion side. The Twins might not be the most demanding, or rather despotic (as the Grand Toddler Nagash is), to their followers, however considering faith and wars of faith are a big aspect in AoS setting, I'd think they most certainly do. Not having a healthy pool of worshippers or preachers that go around and make their presence known makes the realm weaker, hence there is a pragmatic reason to have an organized clergy. It would be rather odd to have human priests of Tyrion and Teclis (Gotrek almost having a stroke when he sees one) but no elven ones. There are no definite answers, but there are clues that can be gathered and certain models can be developed and observed. Fall of Spires demolished the realm of Hysh, not only did the elves toppled mountains, dried the rives, they indirectly invited Chaos. If the spirits lacked any sort of memory and awareness it'd be an easy task to simply, well, subdue and abuse their power. The first disciples had to show their sincerity and determination to the spirits, they had to show they weren't the power and ego pleasing elves that caused the devastation of the land. That was the start, how this effected or what it means for the mortal - god relationship is something that I find unpredictable in the terms of how it's going to end.
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