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  1. Completely agree with Destruction and Death. I think Chaos and Order fill out more of the spectrum though. Like: Tzeentch U/R/B? Nurgle G/B Khorne B/R Slaanesh R/B? Eshin B/U Skryre U/R Molder G Pestilens B Actually this is a neat way to compare Nurgle and Pestilens. Pestilens feels very mono-black while Nurgle is More green than black
  2. BrAiKo

    Challenge: build me a Tomb King list (1k and 2k)

    I don’t follow this. Can someone confirm with a source where it says the compendium points are removed?
  3. BrAiKo

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Crazed rat men shooting lightning and fire from highly-explosive-radioactive-rock-powered contraptions. And that’s before they strap things onto a giant wheel.
  4. I would generally have agreed that the bases models are provided on should be the first priority, but I think there remains the need to be flexible, with the bloodsecrator a prime example. Essentially all other AoS Bloodbound hero releases came with 40mm bases, and yet the bloodsecrator (the tallest/bulkiest infantry hero of the lot) comes with a 32mm. It's just an example of earlier GW getting it wrong, and I think common sense or personal preference still has a role to play in base size selection. My bloodsecrator will remain on a 40mm.
  5. BrAiKo

    What is up with the Stormcast's mounts?

    +1 for the Tauralon fan camp. As a chaos player this is the first Stormcast mini I would actually buy individually. Actually maybe that last sentence makes more sense than I thought... 😅
  6. BrAiKo

    New Videos for AoS

    I didn't think I'd ever hear 'ravening scores of monsters' sound this good either 😆
  7. From warhammer fest photos there's another 2 heroes, one with double handed axe and one with big hourglass (possible alternate multi-option kit for starter set heroes?) as well as a new cavalry nighthaunt unit as well.
  8. BrAiKo

    Removal of compendiums

    Unless an event specifically prevents it, why could you not continue to use the most recent warscroll and points for the given compendium units if they are not updated? Other than a general points downtrend amongst lesser-seen current models, the points aren't receiving a radical game-wide shift to make the existing compendium points obsolete. For those looking btw: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/25/new-and-updated-faqs-forge-world-warscrolls-and-compendium-pdfsgw-homepage-post-1/
  9. BrAiKo

    Religious Armies

    You can see more and more the armies being re/released are being aligned and even named after their Gods: Legions of Nagash Daughters of Khaine Maggotkin of Nurgle I guess they didn't feel that Deepkin of Mathlann had the same ring to it??
  10. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    Well yes, but the war machines they have rebranded in AoS packaging have generally had ‘on-board’ crew and it had been looking like those separate crew style of war machines had been trending towards compendium. But not any more.
  11. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    Am I right in saying this Stormcast artillery piece is the first AoS war machine release to have a separate crew? Previous examples (rereleases) like Plague claw and Skullcannon have the crew built in to the actual main model. Is having separate crew going to be a good thing for the game? Gives me hope we might see the return of things like Aelven bolt throwers.
  12. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    HARBINGER, noun 1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; a person sent in advance of troops 2. anything that foreshadows a future event I think it's safe to say we will be seeing Moonclan and Darkoath releases in the near future.
  13. BrAiKo

    Sympathy for Morathi

    Preach. Down with Sigmar the pretender! There are other powers with no such prejudice. Others who welcome all comers without judgement or discrimination. Khaine may be dead, but the true bloody-handed god will gladly accept offerings in his stead. Skulls for the skull throne!
  14. BrAiKo

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Grand Alliance: Order. "unleash mayhem" Mayhem, noun violent or extreme disorder; chaos.