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Returning to Warhammer after a long, long time!


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I'll start by saying that I've been very off-and-on about my wargaming hobby, and have had a love-hate relationship with GW and its games at large. I used to immerse myself in 40k way back in fourth edition. I was in middle school (I'm 23 now), and actually managed to start Warhammer obsessions in a few of my friends that persist to this day. Throughout middle school and up to high school, I admittedly didn't play the actual game very much. I can count the games of 40k I've played on my hands. Most of my interest was stuck in a constant newbie phase, where I'd buy a box, put it together, maybe paint a few minis, then spend most of my time on forums dreaming up comp builds I'd never play and looking at other armies. Not the best way to keep up a collection of minis, but I did have lots of codexes!

I stopped paying attention to 40k around the middle of sixth edition. By then, I was interested in Fantasy Battles, but was stuck in the same rut of having a few boxes from different armies that I liked. I resolved then that I'd just collect minis for the painting hobby and visual pleasure. For a long time after, I was interested in painting minis just for D&D and generic sci-fi skirmish rules. Yet I was still an avid fan of the WHFB universe, and managed to play a little when another friend dabbled in it.

Nowadays, Age of Sigmar managed to rekindle my interest in GW, but only just at first - I missed the WHFB setting, and still do. One thing that confused me when I first started looking into AoS were all the sub-factions within the different alliances. Took a while to wrap my head around that, being used to the traditional FB rosters. However, the warscroll format of AoS appealed to me, whereby the majority of rules are free, and in my opinion, streamlined.

Only recently have I really given consideration to buying minis again and playing AoS. I'm not the impulsive teen I was before, and I'm confident I can focus on a single army at a time. I honestly don't know how popular AoS is in my area; there's a FLGS nearby that caters mostly to M:tG and 40k. There was an AoS event when it first was getting underway, and hopefully I can find some other folks to play with. In any case, what really matters to me now is building an army that I know I'd have fun with on the tabletop (even if only in theory) and would be proud to admire on a display shelf.

I've always been a Chaos fanboy, and I do have a few of the old huchback WoC sprues that need to be assembled. On the other hand, I've actually studied the battletome of the Flesh-Eater Courts and am really attracted to them. So there you have it; my experience with GW's games and plans for the near-future!

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