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Avalenor and Yndrasta



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3 hours ago, frostfire said:

When Avalenor fighting with Yndrasta near a stonemage, does he fight at top bracket or fighting as if with 10 wound less? Which ability take place first?

This is a little tricky indeed, but I would say first you look at the damage table. The Avalenor rule says the model is treated as if it has suffered 0 wounds. 

Yndrastas rule then adds 10 to that, which would also be the case for any other monster that had suffered 0 wounds. But I can surely see why some might disagree, or even go to say that turn order decides who applies their rule first according to the points 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 in the core rules of simultaneous effects and contradictory effects.

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