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2 week Stormcast challenge


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So I bought myself a dominion box and decided to see if I could get a small stormcast army painted before it gets her so I can concentrate on the krule boyz. 

I've been collecting the mortal realms magazine so have lots of stormcast to chose from. 

So yesterday I picked a roughly 1k army and came up with a pile of sprues. 

Cut to a few hours later and I had assembled most of it. 

More updates to come later on



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On 6/25/2021 at 7:20 AM, Kramig said:

Nice result! 

How did you do that blue metal? 


It's green stuff worlds toxic purple colourshift paint over a gloss black undercoat followed by a coat of terridon turquoise contrast paint and a light drybrush of stormhost silver. 

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