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  1. Thank you very much to all! @TheArborealWalrus yes, that's own what I'm looking for: not low model count army, but low size unit Actually I love brayherds models; which "big pieces" (dragonogors, bulls, cygor, etc) are better to accompany brayherds?
  2. ops sorry, I thought in the list you place only what you buy 😔
  3. you can have only 1 extra command point
  4. Actually I love brayherd, especially gor and bestigor, but I don't like playing units of more then 20 guys... Is there some exemplar battle report you would suggest me, in order to understand better beastmen play?
  5. Thank you! What about tzaangor? I remember they were used very much at the beginning
  6. hello everybody! I am a slave to darkness and khorne player. I have been thinking about starting beast of chaos since much months. So, before starting, I need one info from you: what's beast of chaos play style? horde? is it possible to avoid big size units? Thank you!
  7. I ask a further question: is spray varnish as good as brush one?
  8. it depends on the warband, but I read it many times. My only experience is with untamed beasts and Corvus, but they performed well
  9. Wonderful!! Where do bits come from for on foot warrior bodies, mounted cloak, weapons?
  10. I tried this list in 2 matches, against daughters and corvus. I am satisfied, but I have to try it again grundstock sergeant 195 endrigger with saw 205 endrigger with drill launcher 210 grundstock with aethercannon175 arkanaut with volley gun 105 arkanaut 65 arkanaut with skypike It is a mix of speed, shoot and a minimum of melee.
  11. Since no one of them is a hero, you can not. Those beasts are only for narrative matches
  12. I had a bad experience with army painter brown, while I have always been satisfied with Gw primers. I think it is an army painter problem
  13. I have to watch it yet, but it is very good that people do this stuff sometimes I am afraid that this game has a low support... I share with you the saurus I modified for warcry from bloodbowl kit (shield are separated because I will glue them after painting)
  14. I guess there will be a underwolrd warband, but I don't know about Bloodbowl
  15. This month I focus on conversions, waiting for my new brushes to arrive... My goal is converting warcry beast of chaos warband and wood elves I start with a bullgor for warcry. It is still wip, yesterday I started with face and weapon
  16. Are there other helms in the frostgrave box? Or is there only that one?
  17. The white Dwarf is 454
  18. Hello! 1) are you playing home or at a club/shop? If you play at the local club/shop, you can use mat and scenery from there, you don't need to buy them. If you play home, you need a mat and some sceneries. You can buy some kit (mat+scenery) from gw store, or you can make them by yourself. I would suggest you the starter box (150€) only if you find it at its original price (150€, I don't know in $), otherwise it doesn't deserve. Anyway, you need to buy 2 books: - rulebook: core rules - tome of champions: there are updates for cards profile, missions, campaigns, etc.. . This book will be edited each year in December, it is like the general handbook for AOS. There is another book, which is "monster and mercenaries". It is not mandatory, but it is interesting if you want to add some mercenary (most are heroes) to your warbands, or you want to play in narrative way using monsters like chimera or giant spider from goblin. 2) do you like creating by yourself scenery? If yes, you can build sceneries and a mat by yourself There were 2 wave of warband cards release and some realeased in the white Dwarf magazine. First: stormcast vanguard, Legion of nagash, goblin, ironjawz, bonesplitterz, daughters of khaine, idoneth deepkin, skaven, nighthaunt, flesh eater Second: ogre, khorne, slaanesh, tzeentch, nurgle, slave to darkness, beast of chaos, sylvaneth, kharadron, ossiarch White dwarf: fyreslayer, lumineth (#454) Cards of the first wave are now sold out, but you can find them in the book "tome of champions" As far as the second wave of warband is concerned, cards should be still available
  19. I promise I will do better pictures... I have to improve very much on this side Meanwhile, here there are new units done during lockdown: UNTAMED BEASTS MARAUDER HORSEMEN GARREK'S REAVERS
  20. Hello! I am doing a project similar to your: a chaos army themed ice, snow and darkness Also, now I am working on marauder viking style. Mierce are the top, they are fabulous! But they are very expensive... So I am converting mine I started from kairic acolytes as bodies, while legs come from marauders and head from dwarfs As far as vikings models are concerned, Victrix are affordable and well done, I too am thinking about them. The size should be right However now I bought "blood rage" boxed game and the 5th player expansion: model are awesome!
  21. Hi, I'm playing on tabletop, but for BoC there are only 2d models, not 3d; however you can play well also with 2d. You have to look for aos beast of chaos when searching through the mod
  22. sorry for necroposting, but this idea was very interesting to me! Is there any update? Did you give up with this project?
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