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Artifacts - Same one twice?




If you take a Battalion you are allowed to take an extra Artifact. Can you take the same one twice?

With the rule of 1, you are only allowed to cast spells once per turn. I take it this doesn't include command abilities etc. Can I use Inspiring presence multiple times?



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its not a command its an artifact of power/magic item.

The only thing the rules say in that section are  "a hero cannot carry more than one item". It doesn't say "you can't take the same one more than once"

And yes, I use it to command Inspiring presence 2 or 3 times per turn to cover my entire battleline for battleshock

Drawbacks of this are, I need hero's within 12" of all my battleline, and I have to build my list in formations only, and pay the extra points. It's quite limiting in what you can take and makes the list building harder, but does help stop those Skaven running away...

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