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Control of objectives FAQ 2021




The last so called FAQ gave us this in the core rules.

Q: At the end of each player’s turn, who checks to see if they have gained control of any objectives first?

A: The player whose turn is taking place.

It feels that it is targeted at Sons of Behemats but i don't understand what it means.

Can someone explain me what it means of give me a concrete exemple of its implications?


Thanks in advance!


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This feels like it is due to the Mightier Makes Rightier and how giants can change the scenario scoring rules so that they can always capture an objective. I believe this is done to prevent Giants from modifying the capture rules during the other plays turn and preventing them from scoring as it will check the conditions of whomsoever's turn it is first (thus checking capturing using the standard scenario rules) then check against the giants (who may to modify the capture requirements using Mightier makes Rightier to make themselves eligible to score but suddenly the opponent no longer can).


I may be wrong though any Sons players want to weigh in?

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