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Pre-Tournament tips against LoN and Nighthaunt


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Hi everyone,

next week (if Covid permits) we'll have a small tournament in our club, my very fist torunament, where each player can choose between two different Battletomes to chose their lists.

My picks will be Ossiarch Bonereapers (Mortis Praetorians) & Flesh-Eater Courts (Gristlegore)

Most of other players choices are going to be Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt, and since i mostly played against Stormcast Eternals, Seraphon and Sylvaneth, i have no experience against those armies.

I have a pretty good selection of units to choose from for my armies, so i can prepare my lists to face almost everything, but i have no clue on which are LoN and Nighthaunt's best or most dangerous units, how they play and which tools have my two picks to counter them efficiently.

Any help? :)

Thank you

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The very best of luck to you! I think you'd have more responses if you posted this in the Death section. 

Initial thoughts, as someone who runs both LoN and NH, you will do fine with OBR. Last I fought OBR with my NH, I didn't even kill a unit. Can't speak for FLC as had little interaction with them. 

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- If you kill the Heroes of the Nighthaunt army the entire army is useless.
- Pretty much the same for LoN with the exception of: Kill the General, so he can't bring back entire units, slain previously in the battle. If you cannot manage to kill the General: Block his gravesite markers. (put a model on top of one and he can't summon in any unit on that marker)

Good Luck!

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