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Mawtribes is a full army with its own book with a spell lore, tribes, allegiance abilities, the whole 9 yards.

Troggoths are a small subset of Gloomspite, with little in the way of rules support beyond their Warscrolls.  They are however pretty decent in the sense that their core units are really solid.

Neither Battletome has ripped it up competitively.  They didn't burst out with the flurry of 5-0s you hope for from a new book.  There are a few cases of competitive players doing very, very well...but a whole lot more cases were people haven't done at all well with them.

Both armies are definitely cool and a lot of fun.  A Stonehorn-heavy Mawtribes list is probably the strongest build from either of these factions and is pretty straightforward to play.  They are also a very affordable buy-in, with 3 Start Collectings making a viable army.  

Mawtribes are a "proper army" in a way that Troggoths aren't really...but with Troggoths, you can always expand into other areas of Gits.

On the flipside, you can ally Troggoths into Mawtribes (but not vice versa) so if you did a Mawtribes army, you can have the best of both worlds with a half-dozen Fellwaters or Rockguts in there at 2000 points.

If you really can't decide what you like best, I would normally suggest buying 3 Start Collecting Beastclaws and go from there.  It's a cheap buy in and a decent army.  The fly in the ointment is that the next General's Handbook is not far away, and there's a chance that Stonehorns will get a points hike (entirely unwarranted imo, because it's the rest of the book that needs a lift, but we'll see what happens).

So with the caveat of "buyer beware", I would say that Mawtribes, specifically Stonehorn-heavy, is easier to play and will bring a better game to the table.  You can add some Troggoths to the army, or expand into the rest of Mawtribes, from there if you choose to.  But if you're not in a rush, maybe wait a couple more weeks for the GH first.

Hope that helps.

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On 5/8/2020 at 11:07 AM, Thunderwolf said:


I can't decide between Dankhold troll army or the Mawtribes ?

Both look cool and I really can't decide .

Anythoughts which would be easier to play and which might bring a better game to the table ? 

You've received a really good answer above! 

But what I would ask if where and in what format are you going to play? 

Is your aim to play mostly with friends, to go to tournaments, to win tournaments or to go to narrative events? 

If you are evolving in a mostly for fun or narrative environment, you also have the option of going for the Grand Alliance destruction. And I would have said start with one start collecting or box of trolls, try to paint it, get a game in and see what you like! Building on from that. 

Have fun! 

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Trols might get repetetive sooner than Mawtribes. Beautiful sculpts, but not that many.

I'd say get Mollog's Mob and the Mantappers and see what you like best.

Though the price increase together with the already higher price for newer sets does make Underworld less appealing as a taster.

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Thanks for the replies all . Thanks especially plastic that was a really informative reply.

I mostly play with my brother but we play in a competitive manner in our games so I presume that will carry on on aos . He is waiting on Lumineth but at  least I can start building and painting my ogres ready.

I've gone mawtribes for now as they are complete force and I can dabble with troll alies . Thanks again


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