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Hello there friends! After years of being a 40K player I've decided to take the leap and start AOS full time. Not entirely sure which army to play yet, but my eyes are firmly fixed on the new Lumineth they showed off a month ago. Them, and the Deepkin, mainly because of how beautiful their models are. 

Happy to be here! :D

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Hi and welcome!


Though my preference in minis has more facial hair (Dwarves and Freeguild), I must say the Lumineth and some Idoneth really look nice!

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Welcome from another newcomer! 

Nice to see other people drawn in by the Lumineth (and Idoneth). There are quite a few of us now trying to shorten the time until release by speculating in the Lumineth Realmlords thread in the Order section. 

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It's funny, I'm dabbling in Deepkin and looking forward to Lumineth myself. But always remember Nagash accepts you with open arms 👻


Also may I suggest if you are into lore 2+tough's lore videos. Hes got really great vids.

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