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  1. Hmmm, I'm wondering if Lumineth rules will have elemental marks, similar to marks of chaos (mark of nurle,khorne,etc)🤔
  2. I wanna say the whole model if you dont mind 😬
  3. @Greasygeek Please tell me how to did the Knight of Shrouds!😍
  4. @ServiceGames Separate boxes unfortunately.
  5. I'm Personally a fan of a squad of 6 stalkers.
  6. It's funny, I'm dabbling in Deepkin and looking forward to Lumineth myself. But always remember Nagash accepts you with open arms 👻 Also may I suggest if you are into lore 2+tough's lore videos. Hes got really great vids.
  7. I failed my contract last month, I wont fail again! I will be painting some Nighthaunt heroes for the Everchosen Campaign I'll be running in a few weeks. Also gonna be doing my Deepkin warband for Warcry a warcry campaign I'm running. And of course I will finish the Warscry Citadel I attempted last month. 1x Warcry Citadel 1x Lady Olynder 1x Kurdoss 1x Anniversary bladegheist model (KoS proxy) 1xKnight of shroud on Steed. 1x Guardian of Souls with Mortality glass 1x Start collecting Deepkin. 1x about have of a Namarti reaver box If I have ti
  8. @Vasshpit Wow I really like yours! I'm gonna have to use that. I might use a warmer white though🤔 Also I wish he had Ionrach and deepkin flesh as an air paint. That what I plan on using with my chainrasps.
  9. Hi everyone, so has anyone ever tried putting Hexwraith and Nighthaunt gloom through an airbrush before? I love using shades through an airbrush on larger models( 40mm and up) and decided to try out the two technicals today on some Nighthaunt. I kinda like how it turned out but I'm wondering if I could have gotten the same effect with regular airpaints XD What do you guys think?
  10. So I failed my contract this month. Due to some personal issues and the fact I promised two of my friends I would build and paint their first batch of models for free just to get them into the hobby (Jerks bought 1k each😤)so I haven't had time to focus on myself. But I did get a Knight of Shrouds done. This will be my General variant(got 4 of these guys each will have a different paint scheme for themed lists.), he doesn't have the nighthaunt scheme im planning to go for but I wanted a more Darker less ethereal look. I also started my Deepkin warband for our warcry campai
  11. I wish they had that pose without the finger feet in front. Hooves for life! Would it be easy to convert to hooves. I know they use different leg/shin pieces
  12. I hope it's a dual release with sons of behemat. Then I can split a box with a destruction guy at my local gw. He bought 3 or 4 feasts of bones on release XD
  13. I hope so! I'm stealing my armies narrative from the blood elves where the undead attack a large isolated city in Hysh, or Ghyran. I'm pretty unimaginative. 🤣
  14. I dont think they will do a Lumineth vs Slaanesh box, especially since they did wrath and rapture last year for Khorne vs Slaanesh.
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