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Hello from Stockholm


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I'm new to the AoS community, having played mostly 40k for the last 8 years.

I made a very short foray into WHFB after 8th edition was released with a small army of Slaanesh. In the couple of games I played I was utterly crushed and didn't think too highly of the game... I wasn't a huge fan to the Old World either and couldn't find an army which really appealed to me.

I've been following the AoS miniature releases with interest and bought WQ: Silver Tower when it was released. Those miniatures are just awesome! Then when they released Alarielle I was hooked. It snowballed from there and I find myself working on three AoS armies; Sylvaneth, Deamons of Tzeentch and Deamons of Slaanesh. I also bougth the AoS starter box, so I technically have 5 AoS armies...

I've played a couple of games of AoS with people in my 40k group and we all enjoyed it a lot! The free form of the game is really good, the emphasis on playing with the models you like. I see it as something closer to a role playing game than a board game, which is a direction my group has tried to take our 40k gaming.

I'm really fascinated by the new setting, being more like stories from Norse or Greek mythology than medieval fantasy. 

I'm really looking forward to playing more and too see what GW puts out in the coming year. When they release new Aelves I'm going to be in nerd heaven (if Mistweaver Saih is an indication of where things are going), really looking forward to that!


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