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Glavewraiths as dire wolves


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Hi there, I was thinking of getting into death and really like the nighthaunt asthetic but their rules seem a little meh.... Too many infantry and nothing else seems like it would be boring to paint and a pain to transport.

One stand out unit that seems both strong and fun are direwolves... But they don't fit the nighthaunt asthetic. And then I look across and see glavewraiths as terrible rules but ok models that fit the fun nighthaunt asthetic....

So a question for you all. What would I need to add/convert to use glavewraiths as direwolves? 

I would obviously change to the correct base size, remove the scythes and just leave some hands/ claws and then have and a paint scheme fitting the army... Would that be enough?


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I think if you can change the hands for claws/talons/paws then you might be fine. They have a fairly animal look and on the right base without their normal scythe weapons and with claws instead they'd look good as faux-dire-wolves. The trick would be ensuring that you get the forearms looking right as right now they have regular hands. 


I'm not sure what parts you could use for that 

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